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  • And look, we already know that Forbes magazine recently said quote, this will shift the structure of the whole financial system at a macroeconomic macroeconomic level.

  • That's what they're talking about with defi and the truth is this and this is what I have to say.

  • And you'll probably see this slide coming up on the screen, decentralized finance or defy is already revolutionizing the world of finance.

  • You just don't know it yet.

  • Look, this incredible mark place is growing at breakneck speed.

  • It's gonna generate trillions of dollars of opportunities and it's going to give financial freedom back to the six billion people in this world who don't have real access to the financial markets.

  • It's a travesty.

  • It's a violation of human rights and we're not going to stand for it here at London Real or inside the defi academy and so we're going to invest in this financial structure of the future Before we get started.

  • What I want to say is what you're about to see today is education, it is not financial advice.

  • Let's talk about the markets in crypto these days.

  • They are volatile.

  • There are crazy news stories happening.

  • Let me tell you about something that happened here today and you'll see the headline here on the screen, we saw the iron finance tightened token fall to near zero in defy panic selling and wherever you're watching right now, typing.

  • Yes.

  • If you saw this article this week, also type in, did you have any of these tightened tokens?

  • We saw the titan token go from 65 bucks down to basically zero.

  • It's like 00.3 cents.

  • We saw $1.5 billion worth of market cap disappear in a matter of hours.

  • Everyone's looking their wounds, Everyone's saying what happened.

  • The founders said, oh, it was a trading vortex and a positive feedback loop.

  • Okay, cool.

  • But it meant everybody lost all of their money.

  • Now, they were trying to create a stable coin and I appreciate that we like stable coins.

  • I teach stable coins inside my academy, but this is another example that this is still untested technology and if you're not careful with where you invest, if you don't have a trusted advisor, a source of advice, a source of mentorship, then you're gonna take a bath in these markets.

  • And this is not a joke, this is real money, it's your financial future and it's going out the window unless you're making intelligent decisions.

  • But of course what happened yesterday is nothing Compared to black Thursday and I'm talking about March 12 of last year in 2020 when we saw this crash that you can see on screen ethereum down over 30% Bitcoin down over 40%.

  • Who are you going to call when those things are dropping?

  • You're gonna call your Mama because there's no one that can help you at this point because you've already made bad trades.

  • A stop loss isn't going to help you in these volatile markets.

  • So again, we have to be intelligent about this.

  • We have to think about our philosophies before we go randomly by coins out there.

  • And that's what I see all of you newbies doing.

  • I'm gonna buy some dosage.

  • I'm gonna buy some tight and I'm gonna buy some of this and guess what?

  • You just lost all your money.

  • I've got diamond hands.

  • Well, congratulations.

  • You're also broke with your diamond hands.

  • So we don't play that inside the defi academy, we teach you discipline trading philosophies that are not based on emotion.

And look, we already know that Forbes magazine recently said quote, this will shift the structure of the whole financial system at a macroeconomic macroeconomic level.

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Giving Financial Freedom Back To 6 Billion People Worldwide ? ?- Brian Rose

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