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  • And I want to go to this clip right here because this is Gordon Gekko talking to bud fox.

  • I think it's at the pen club in new york city.

  • I used to play squash there back in the day and he's explaining to bud how he trades the markets and how he continually wins.

  • Here's gecko.

  • The public's out there throwing darts at a board sport.

  • I don't throw darts at a board.

  • I bet on sure things reach son Sue the art of war.

  • Every battle is won before it's ever fought.

  • Think about You're not as smart as I thought you were buddy boy.

  • You wonder why fund managers can't beat the S&P 500 because they're sheep and she gets slaughtered.

  • Yeah, I've been in this business since 69 mostly is Harvard M.

  • B.

  • A.

  • Types.

  • They don't add up to dog shit.

  • Any guys that are poor, smart and hungry and no feelings win a few.

  • You lose a few.

  • Did you keep on fighting?

  • And if you need a friend, get a dog, trench warfare out there pal?

  • Hey georgie, hey Gordon?

  • How's Larchmont treating you fine?

  • The cracks are deal going, you should know pal asshole.

  • Mhm.

  • Inside here too.

  • Mm.

  • Okay, I got 20 other brokers analyzing charts, Pal, I don't need another one.

  • See your own body.

  • And again, Gecko said it best sheep get slaughtered and that's what we see out there.

  • People throwing their markets poor trading strategies, which adds to the volatility to this crypto space, which can be a good thing or a bad thing.

  • It's a good thing for us because we have principles and discipline and here's a quote that I like to say and you can, you can think about this and meditate this on the day and that's this, this is trading.

  • It's not netflix, don't do it for entertainment or for the rush, which results in emotional decision making, stay disciplined and put in non negotiable, stop loss of orders to create long term success.

  • That's what I'm talking about.

  • That's how we make it to the big time and that's what I go through inside my defy academy.

  • I'm going to talk about this today.

And I want to go to this clip right here because this is Gordon Gekko talking to bud fox.

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This Is Trading Not Netflix ?‍♂️ ?”Don’t do it for entertainment." - Brian Rose

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