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  • how do I explain to my grandma?

  • I don't have to.

  • The Blockchain adoption curve is steeper than the internet adoption curve.

  • This is the future.

  • It's coming faster and quicker than anything we've ever seen in history.

  • And when we go to events and people come up to me and they have tears in their eyes and their thinking me for what my channel has done for their life and they've been able to go from, Look, I love it when people put in $100,000 and they become multimillionaires.

  • That's great.

  • When I got, somebody comes up to me and says they had started with $1,000 and now they've been able to pay off their student loans.

  • I love hearing the stories of the people that had nothing that have actually been able to move to a place in life where they're comfortable and they're at a level where they never thought that they would get to.

  • You still have core positions and Bitcoin core positions in the theory, um because you think they're going up, but you think also the big asymmetrical gains are in some of these new D.

  • Five platforms defy is going to be the number one way that people are going to change their lives financially in the future.

  • It is the horse and buggy verse the automobile.

  • Traditional finance is the horse and buggy horse and buggies are very nostalgic.

  • You like to take your date on a nice horse and carriage ride through the city, maybe one day you'll take your date on a tour of a bank and you guys can remember the nostalgia of what it was like to have to go into one.

  • Do you enjoy going to the bank?

  • Unless it's just a bank teller that you think it might be your wife one day or your husband one day.

  • You probably detest any time you have to go in a bank.

  • Imagine if you never had to and that's d.

  • five.

  • Mhm.

how do I explain to my grandma?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/06/30
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