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  • it.

  • What's up y'all?

  • I'm Anthony ramos.

  • Today we are going to break down my blessings video.

  • This is playback.

  • Keep her She got all money.

  • Mm The song feels like summer.

  • The song feels like a party.

  • The song feels like a good time.

  • And for me, I wanted the video to reflect that.

  • And I also wanted the video to reflect how I want my summer to feel like, you know what I'm saying?

  • Like, you know, we've been locked up for forever and people want to connect and feel each other again.

  • And I said, yeah, I want to shoot a video like that.

  • A big part of my musical influence.

  • Or rather like the music that I loved growing up and still the music that I love now.

  • And I really wanted to have more of that, You know, because I was like this is the music I love to dance to.

  • You know, this is the music that this is, this is the music that gets me moving.

  • We wrote this with my boy Will Wells kinetics and one love, one love.

  • He started he was just on the ones and tools.

  • He started messing around with his beat and we were like, my boy, you're my uncles, I can't buy her.

  • She got all muddy.

  • And I was like, that's hard.

  • And we just kept, we just kept, you know, I heard you say something with your body like kinetics hit us with that melody.

  • We were just, we were just busting it down with melodies.

  • Funny.

  • What a blessing.

  • The video was way more narrative.

  • And we had a whole scene on the street that we had to cut because the audio of the camera died.

  • It was like this thing where it was like the block was empty and then I like I'm on the phone and I'm talking to a friend like yeah, I'm just trying to find a good night and then all of a sudden I walk into this party that transported to another world, I'm like, whoa.

  • Never, never knew this place was here.

  • I didn't know there was a turn up happening here when I was cutting the video of life was editing in our director.

  • Black thomas, we were both on zoom together.

  • Black thomas.

  • Director extraordinary.

  • There's this little splash on the bloom on the music, so don't do that that member.

  • Then it's like bloom and I was like, yo what if we opened the people on that bloom sound on the music?

  • And then boom, we start the video right there, that's the intro, It was just about hitting these like musical beats to have this concise intro.

  • Yeah, right here, boom, you see me!

  • And then boom, I can't buy her.

  • She got her own money.

  • Mhm.

  • Design of black big girls on it cost money.

  • A video that I loved recently was the Sunshine video by DJ Kallen.

  • In fact, joe They were just on this Yeah, and they were just hanging out, I'm an actor and I love to, you know, I love narrative and all this stuff, but sometimes it can get, we can get so caught up in the narrative that you forget about the vibe and that video is just a good vibe.

  • You know, I think about videos like uh touched by Omarion, you know, he's just dancing in the street and like those videos feel like they're just a good they're just a good vibe.

  • A lot of they get thrown videos are like that too, they just be chilling on the beach or something like that.

  • They're just hanging out.

  • Artists is just looking into the camera, like just singing straight to the lens and everybody's just chilling and partying and there's still a little bit of narrative here.

  • Like, you know, you see there's a scene with us in the bathroom and we kind of like got away from the crowd and we found each other.

  • Finally, we had that that that one on one moment at the end of the day.

  • It's really about the vibe and it's really about, yeah, we're having this connection, but it's not only about this connection is about the connection between the people in this party and just the overwhelming desire to just have a good time.

  • Music has been a part of my life since I was a kid.

  • You know, music was and is always my first love.

  • That's how I even got into musicals, you know, was because I loved music.

  • First musical theater was just the lane that I found myself in.

  • And uh, and then, you know, ended up being tv and then the movies and then, you know, in the music, I think all of these things go hand in hand, write A Star is Born is this musical movie right?

  • In the highest musical movie.

  • And sometimes, you know, it's like when those worlds collide is the best.

  • You know, like when you hear your song and the end credits, you know, like I did this movie with liam Neeson called honest steve and my, you know, one of my songs made it into the end credits.

  • It's always a good feeling when when, when, when your worlds collide in that way.

  • I want people to like get excited about living life again and being outside and connecting and celebrating life again.

  • That's what I want people to feel when they watch this video.

  • and that's what I hope people feel when they listened to this album because that that was my intention when creating it.

  • That was what was on my heart when when I was writing all these songs.

  • And when, you know when we when we put this album together, so when you watch this and when you listen to the album, I just want to get excited, get excited about having a good time, Get excited about feeling good, get excited about being outside.

  • Get excited about connecting and loving on each other.

  • Getting lit.

  • See for me, C C C.

  • For me Yeah.


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The Making of Anthony Ramos' "Blessings" Music Video | Playback | Harper's BAZAAR

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