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  • do you think everybody would benefit from these protocols?

  • Everyone barring structural defects, which would be, you know, maybe 1% or less, you know what I mean?

  • And even then there's no telling that it couldn't provide some degree of improvement, right?

  • If I'm working with a 16 year old with knee pain and he's six ft tall.

  • Yeah, that guy is going to be able to dunk.

  • If I'm working with an 80 year old who just wants to be able to go up and down steps, the eight year old is not going to dunk.

  • But who's to say that win isn't even more life changing, Right?

  • So it's the degree of improvement is still relative to the person.

  • So, like, I haven't seen someone that I would just go, like, you know, yeah, you can't do anything about it.

  • You know, it's just a style of fitness where you're addressing your weak points at the level you can handle, and you're you're reversing the flow.

  • So what in life is coming in at us unnaturally human body wasn't designed to be in pain.

  • So now if I go jump thousands of times, which the human body wasn't designed to do that much in basketball or whatever, we almost every sport has some kind of overuse action and you can get miraculous pain transformation just by reversing that action.

  • What do you mean by that?

  • Explain that reversing that action?

  • Simplest way to fix runner's knee is by going backwards.

  • I mean that it's that simple simplest way to do shoulder pain in someone throwing is to set up a strength system not of more bench press, but of the exact like literally to measurably strengthen the exact opposite of your throw, so that when you put that force in there's more protection there.

  • But that's the runners one is a great example.

  • If you watch yourself run in slow motion, anyone could devise a strength system by watching that in slow motion on rewind.

  • Those are the exercises I do to fix.

  • Runner's knee is literally running in slow motion.

  • Foot plantar, fasciitis, shin, splints, Runner's knee.

  • Watch yourself in slow motion backwards.

  • You just came up with your strength exercises.

  • What one word?

  • Yeah.

  • Mom, Mom, wow.

  • Still, my wife.

  • Mhm.

do you think everybody would benefit from these protocols?

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Can Anyone Benefit From The Knees Over Toes Protocol? ? Ben Patrick On London Real With Brian Rose

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