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  • understood.

  • And one of those people is your mom, right?

  • She's 65 she's now internet famous thanks to her son and you put her up and she's doing all the, the body weight, knees, over toes, stuff.

  • Can you explain to everybody?

  • Like what's happening there, How she has embraced him and why it's important that a 65 year old woman is doing this as well.

  • Oh yeah, my mom is my most important influencer.

  • I mean I don't even have any influencers, but my mom is the influencer because okay, I did all these experiments on myself, yada yada yada.

  • If I can't get my mom to be able to do every exercise without pain, Enjoyably.

  • Well then I'm not doing my job.

  • That's my job.

  • So my mom is my most important client and every, she was the proving grounds to find how can you scale every single exercise?

  • So she was just sending me her videos again and she's working on all these crazy exercises you see me doing, but at her level at what she can do without pain Enjoyably.

  • So to me, she's like a she's like a crucial part of the process because I wanted to be able to help my parents.

  • She had really debilitating hip issues.

  • My personality is like I'm not going to rest, you know, until we fix that.

  • So we were able to fix that through the power of regressing the exact same motions.

  • But to her level.

  • Yeah.

  • Not that one.

  • My mom.

  • Why for more?

  • More?

  • Yeah.

  • Mhm.


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Ben Patrick On Making His Mom Internet Famous ? I London Real With Brian Rose

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/06/23
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