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  • Hi, this is Jeff Kleintop with 90 seconds on what we're watching this week. Many central

  • bankers will have an opportunity to opine on the outlook for inflation and policy this

  • week. There are 14 scheduled Fed speeches this week among many others by members of

  • the world's major central banks. On balance, if they push back against moving too quickly

  • to rein in stimulus, the market could reverse last week's countertrend moves that followed

  • the Fed meeting. Data confirming that a key driver of inflation pressures may be easing

  • could come on Wednesday. Port congestion is easing rapidly and that could reduce supplier

  • delivery times in the preliminary PMI reports for June. If the logjam of supply bottlenecks

  • is breaking, it may ease input shortages that have curbed output and lifted prices. Later

  • this week, stress test results on the largest banks will be released by the European Central

  • Bank and the Fed designed to measure the bank's ability to weather a financial crisis. Now,

  • banks that pass will exit from dividend restrictions just ahead of Q2 earnings reports, which may

  • prompt investors to focus on yield. A house committee will vote this week on five antitrust

  • bills targeting big tech companies and could move the FAANG stocks. The bills are aimed

  • at curbing their market power in control. We'll be watching how much bipartisan support

  • the bills get in committee votes -- that will signal whether they have a realistic chance

  • of passing Congress later this year. Thanks for watching.

Hi, this is Jeff Kleintop with 90 seconds on what we're watching this week. Many central

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Weekly Market Outlook | June 22, 2021

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