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  • And uh, I always think of a story that I like to tell that I experienced when I was in Chicago.

  • So a lot of, lot of, you know, I spent two years training in new york city and then I got hired To run the Treasury derivatives desk at the first National Bank of Chicago.

  • I was always 25 years old, I was a vice president, they paid me a ton of money and I flew and moved to Chicago and I got sat on the desk there and I ran the Treasury derivatives book And I was also right next to the Chicago Board of Trade in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

  • And this is the big pits with 300 massive guys that used to play in the National Football League in America, yelling and screaming and pushing and sweating and they're literally doing this with their hands like they do in trading places right.

  • And inside those pits are guys called locals and locals spend a couple 100 grand, they buy a seat and they have all the information and they're the market makers, little liquidity traders and those markets that close about three p.m. So what all the traders do is they go and buy 3 30 they're all drunk usually.

  • And so we go down and hang out at the bars afterwards.

  • And I remember being introduced one of these locals who was a legend, he'd been in there for 20 years, made tens of millions of dollars gone to Africa show all these, I'll shot all these animals and all this stuff.

  • And I remember having these conversations with him and I said, I said how do you keep the edge?

  • How do you keep the edge when you're trading against Goldman Sachs and Jp morgan?

  • And you don't know the news, you're in the middle of that pit.

  • And he said brian, I keep my mind rights.

  • He said, if I've had a fight with my girlfriend and my wife, the argument the day before, he said, I won't go into the pits and trade.

  • I said, you literally won't go trade.

  • He said I won't because my mind isn't right.

  • He said if I'm angry, he said if I'm emotional, he said, if if I'm broke, I'm very careful because that will all affect my trading decisions.

  • And so one of the things I see today that alarms me are these trading apps and one of the things I'll be teaching in the defi academy is we don't trade on our apps and we don't trade 24 7.

  • What we do is we have a disciplined procedure of when we trade and how we trade.

  • We traded our desktops.

  • We trade based on our long term perspective, we trade based on our strategy and we trade based on our mission and we always put stop losses in on our trades.

  • Yeah.

And uh, I always think of a story that I like to tell that I experienced when I was in Chicago.

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Keep Your Mind Right ? ? “We don’t trade on our apps and we don’t trade 24/7" - Brian Rose

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/06/22
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