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  • fantastic.

  • I love it.

  • And for everybody, just stay tuned because when we're done having a conversation here and talking about the intellectual property, Ben's actually been generous enough to say he's gonna step out to your now famous, uh, sunny outdoor gym and he's gonna walk through some four basic protocols.

  • So stay tuned for that.

  • This is going to be an epic episode.

  • And, you know, Ben, it's fascinating because the more I've been talking to people that you were gonna be on the show, the more I realize Ben that everybody has knee pain and it restricts them from doing all sorts of things in their life.

  • And so many people have just resigned themselves that I can't run.

  • I can't ski, I can't pick my kid up, I can't this it's this narrative in our head, I have lower back pain where we just almost resign ourselves to no longer be human.

  • And here's this guy, you coming out, showing us these crazy's crazy vertical jumps with these protocols that look simple and telling us that we can get our knees back in our lives back.

  • It's amazing to see.

  • And I want to go into detail today and Ben, you've been blowing up this past year.

  • I think there's a rule in marketing, it's called the rule of seven.

  • I don't know if you heard of this, but it says a prospect needs to hear a message seven times before they take action.

  • And a couple weeks ago I just said, get I told my team, I said, give me this knees over toes guy on the show, because I kept hearing about you from all these different places.

  • And I said, I got to get you on and talk about this.

  • Um if you had to explain to people right now, what the hell is knees over toes?

  • How do you succinctly explain what what you're all about?

  • It's distinctly short term.

  • It looked like a really good idea for people with knee pain to just avoid putting pressure on the knees.

  • That's also a death sentence.

  • Long term for your niece.

  • Succinctly.

  • That's what I do.

  • So we've we've had two different fields, evolving fitness and medicine.

  • They've both been evolving but to independently.

  • So it seemed like a good idea to avoid the knees.

  • Maybe get surgeries for the knees, anti inflammatory drugs, all kinds.

  • Actually, there's a lot we can do really simply to strengthen our niece, your tendons.

  • These things can actually grow and develop and strengthen.

  • So if anyone's ever dealt with the problem and had that aha moment where you realize that short term running from the problem could lead to long term disaster.

  • My career has been devoted to that for the niece.

  • That's perfect.

  • And you said before, I think there's a quote that you said we confront the motion that hurts, but at the level that it doesn't hurt.

  • So you're all about walking people through, you know, slightly less painful parts of the protocol to kind of bulletproof their knees so you can do things you never thought possible before.

  • That's exactly right.

  • So I'm only going to cover four things today because I think there's only four things that really matter.

  • So that makes it simple, right off the bat and number one is the idea of walking backwards.

  • So I was always told, don't let your knees over your toast.

  • Don't let your knees over toast.

  • There's not actually science to substantiate that it just seemed like a good idea.

  • Oh, there's pressure on your knee when it goes over your toast.

  • That would mean you can't walk downstairs.

  • That would mean you can't walk backwards for anyone who has a mirror nearby, stand sideways, look at yourself in the mirror, then go like you're going to take one step backwards backwards.

  • Walking is just knees over toes.

  • Not only has that been done for thousands of years in chinese cultures to prevent elderly from getting arthritis and cartilage damage.

  • So many people have even seen chinese elderly out in fields walking backwards, even in american studies that showed that walking backwards was alone, an effective screening process for falling in elderly, which is one of the leading causes of death and hospitalization, meaning the better you are with your knees, over toes, the more protected you are.

  • But that's that's one of four points and that breaks down into a lot of levels.

  • So for athletes, I'm strapping them up to sleds and seeing okay which athlete Start the clock for five minutes, which athlete is going to be able to drag that sled farther in five minutes.

  • That's just a test of knees.

  • Over toes.

  • Super safe.

  • Low impact, best workout of your life cardio.

  • You're even pushing through your toes.

  • Think about flat footed training.

  • That's not normal either.

  • So by doing these over toes, we've also found we unlocked the door to not having foot pains, Achilles pain shin splints because we're having to strengthen through the foot.

  • So that's an example from walking backwards for elderly, 10 minutes.

  • 10 minutes is a great work out for elderly.

  • Mhm.


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