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  • a couple more questions.

  • Before I get back to my final point, we've got uh Nathaniel Davis on zoom called it asked quote, can people in the United States participate in the program?

  • I'm learning that U.

  • S.

  • Citizens cannot get involved in some projects because the person needs to be an uncredited investor.

  • Uh It's a great question Nathaniel anyone can join us on the defi academy.

  • That means people in the U.

  • S.

  • And in Canada.

  • Again this is education about what we're talking about here.

  • It's not financial advice.

  • And again all the investments you're gonna make are going to be your decisions to make.

  • But we're going to be a group of people, a community of people in the know a trusted source of information to people that you're going to collaborate with.

  • Probably people were going to invest together with and we're gonna be people that we find the right information with.

  • And so this is a group of people that are gonna learn together and they're going to create things together as well.

  • So it's a great question, but no, there's no restrictions.

  • And again, that's why we call it an academy.

  • This is about education, but education is where it starts education empowers everything else.

  • Um, there is no entrepreneurialism without education.

  • Uh, there are no billionaires without education.

  • So you've got to learn first and learn what you don't know.

  • So great question, last question comes from Carol Stephenson on our zoom call who says I have invested in a number of coins and yes, I want to understand about defy and be guided with yours and roberts knowledge brian carroll.

  • Great.

  • Please join us, go to London dot tv forward slash defy submit your application right now.

  • Give me a great reason why I should accept you and then come and join us.

  • There's not much time left, so get your applications in as soon as possible.

  • One last question Mazin Far did not resume call today says quote, I've been accepted and I'm excited to learn and interact with people who are passionate about the future.

  • Mazin Great!

  • You've been accepted.

  • All you have to do now is enroll and once you get in there we'll get you up to speed as soon as possible.

  • We appreciate you, lock your spot in now before we shut this thing down and I appreciate you.

  • Mhm.

a couple more questions.

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Invest with me, Brian Rose! ?? Can People in the USA join DEFI Academy? DeFi Real With Brian Rose

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