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  • It's the rifle that fought America tostandstill in Vietnam and Afghanistan both,  

  • the AK-47, most iconic battle rifle  ever made. But how exactly does it work?

  • The AK-47 has a muzzle velocity of 700 meterssecond, can fire 600 rounds of capitalist-crushing  

  • 7.62mm ammo a minute, and sports a 30-round  magazine. It's a bit heavy for a battle rifle,  

  • but it's reliable- and that is the true key to its  global success. Unlike many other rifles, the AK  

  • is built with large internal parts, which means  less smaller, delicate parts that can get bogged  

  • down by dirt, sand, or the blood of free-market  missionaries trying to exploit your socialist  

  • worker's utopia. This simplicity in construction  has seen the weapon change little over the years,  

  • and helped it become the single  most prolific firearm in the world.

  • Ammunition is fed directly into  the weapon from a box magazine,  

  • and while there are various size magazines  available, the most common is the 30-round  

  • magazine standard with most militaries  who utilize the AK family of rifles.  

  • Military variants operate in a semi and fully  automatic firing mode, with semi-automatic  

  • preferred for greater accuracy at long ranges or  when making shots count is critical. Automatic  

  • firing mode can empty a magazine in secondsbut is useful for suppressing enemy fire  

  • and for ensuring a kill in close quarters  combat. With its incredible fire rate however,  

  • firing in full auto can leave a user vulnerable  as he or she is forced to reload frequently.

  • Like any automatic weaponthe key to the AK's function  

  • is the gas generated by a firing roundand it all begins with a trigger pull.

  • First, an operator will sight his targettypically an evil capitalist invader hellbent  

  • on replacing your glorious people's turnip farm  with a McDonalds. Upon squeezing the trigger,  

  • the firing hammer is released, which  in turn strikes the firing pin.

  • The firing pin is driven forward with great  force and into the bullet currently loaded in the  

  • firing chamber. This causes the pin to strike the  bullet's primer with sufficient energy to cause it  

  • to ignite. The primer causes the gunpowder to  explode inside the bullet casing. Like a lazy  

  • free-market oppressor, the exploding gunpowder  will favor the path of least resistance, which  

  • in this case means escaping out the front of the  round where the bullet is seated firmly in place.

  • The force of the explosion pushes against the  bullet and drives it down the barrel of the rifle.  

  • Some of that force however also pushes  back on the entire bolt carrier assembly,  

  • which ejects the now empty casingAs the casing is being ejected,  

  • the hammer is reset and the bolt carrier assembly  also strips a fresh round out of the magazine  

  • and seats it into place inside the chamberThis is assisted by a strong spring at the  

  • bottom of the magazine which constantly exerts  an upwards pressure on the rounds loaded into it.

  • The firing hammer is now reset and with the  bolt carrier assembly once more in position  

  • and a round in the chamber, the weapon is  ready to fire again. In full-auto mode the  

  • AK-47 will continue this cycle of operations  indefinitely, either until you run out of  

  • ammo or every single capitalist aggressor in the  world has been defeated- whichever comes first.

  • The beauty of the AK-47 is its simplicity, and  while it can be more difficult to repair out  

  • in the field than say an M-4 or M-16, the rugged  durability of an AK-47 makes it very unlikely that  

  • you'll ever need to enact any hasty field repair  actions. In fact, the AK-47 is built so tough,  

  • that you'll likely need serious bodily repair  yourself before your rifle ever does. However,  

  • all this power and durability comes at the cost  of accuracy, especially at long ranges- so make  

  • sure that you make every shot count as you fight  for your glorious socialist worker's utopia.

  • Now make these capitalist pigs richer by clicking  on M-16 vs Ak-47, or this other video instead!

It's the rifle that fought America tostandstill in Vietnam and Afghanistan both,  

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How It Works: The AK-47

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