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  • So when we see markets crash, we see defy infrastructure improve and now sure there's always problems.

  • There's issues.

  • Sometimes there's tech that breaks, sometimes there's people uh that cry that take losses.

  • Sometimes there's blood on the streets when it comes to people in their portfolios.

  • But the defi infrastructure always gets stronger.

  • How do I know this?

  • Well, let's take a look back.

  • Two black Thursday, which was March 12, last year.

  • I'm going to put a graph up on the screen Of what Bitcoin looked like on that day and you can see this massive drop.

  • Bitcoin dropped 40% in 24 hours, Ethereum dropped 30% in 24 hours and everybody was freaking out.

  • Alright.

  • The global pandemic was on as if people didn't have enough to worry about.

  • I was in here broadcasting episodes, fighting for your right to free speech.

  • And of course these crypto markets are going into the toilet, as we used to say when I traded on Wall Street ethereum.

  • Gas fees shot up through the roof, making transactions extremely expensive.

  • The whole system was stress tested alright.

  • And innovations were created, something's broke.

  • They found problems.

  • They found inconsistencies with some of the defi protocols.

  • But this all led to an incredible period now called the defi summer.

  • And this was a period of innovation from april 2022 september 2020 that built many of the platforms and protocols that we are using today.

  • I'm talking about things like compounds governance system, you're in finance and sushi swap was all created during the summer and the unIS swap, monthly volume Went up 100 times.

  • Okay, this is one of the decentralized exchanges.

  • It went from 169 million of volume in April up to 15 billion in volume in september.

  • Imagine that, imagine that everyone's licking their wounds whining on the forms about how they lost money in Bitcoin and meanwhile, you know, swap is 100 xing its volume in a matter of months, almost dwarfing some of the centralized exchanges like coin base, some of these decks is are bigger than those right now.

  • So again, this is what I'm talking about with anti fragile and this is why you need to be with a group of people that see past the news headlines and see deeper and can actually see this is a great thing for decentralized finance because we see innovation happening in the background.

  • In fact, if we don't see volatile crypto markets, I would argue that we won't know if these new deep defy platforms are actually strong enough in anti fragile enough.

  • So I welcome big crashes and big spikes when it comes to Bitcoin ethereum, some of these other cryptocurrencies.

  • Because I see innovation coming from here and right now.

  • I am predicting another defy summer of 2021 that's going to come out out of these volatility pieces that we've seen over the past few weeks, whether it's Elon musk or some news coming from china or some news coming from El Salvador, there's always something happening.

  • All of these things are going to help defy build in the background, but you need to know where to invest, you need to know how to invest and you need to have the right investment philosophy.

  • And again, I've seen so many people come and go in the financial markets.

  • I've seen a sucker, There's one born every minute and I've seen scared money run when they don't have that long term perspective and you need a peer group of people to be around that can constantly remind what you're doing here and that is investing with a 10 year horizon.

  • And I'm looking to defy the same way I looked at London real 10 years ago when I started on october 2011 broadcasting my first episode.

  • Everyone thought I was crazy.

  • Everyone thought youtube was for cat videos.

  • Everyone thought that mainstream news media would never be replaced by the Internet.

  • Well, I disagree.

  • 10 years later, our channel is bigger than most newspapers here in London are.

  • Channel has more relevance than most broadcasting channels, including the BBC on most days.

  • So who was right and who was wrong Right now?

  • I'm going all in on defy.

  • And if you want to come with me on this adventure, imagine where we're gonna be in 2031.

  • Imagine the infrastructure that we're going to help create.

  • Imagine the billions of people that we're going to empower on the back of this.

  • Yeah.

So when we see markets crash, we see defy infrastructure improve and now sure there's always problems.

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