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  • couple more comments we got cover several memes on instagram says, hi brian, you inspire me, thank you so much.

  • We're enjoying this here.

  • As usual, we're having fun.

  • I got louis McCain on Youtube says, I'm glad you're pushing this brian.

  • It will help a lot of people.

  • And again, I couldn't be more, more happy.

  • I couldn't be more excited that we're doing this right now.

  • And I want to give a shout out um to my man, hens, Oh, Gracie, legendary black belt jujitsu practitioner, who is watching this right now on Youtube.

  • He just retweeted the link and it's great to see Enzo Heads has been on the show along with so many other amazing grace is we've had Hydra Gracie back in the day, We've had Oiler Gracie, um and uh we've had a bunch of the Gracie brothers here and we appreciate you.

  • Enzo and my kids are trading with Roger in London as well.

  • So, big shout out to jujitsu at all the people.

  • And the truth is this many people are now opening their idea of their eyes to the incredible possibilities in defy and the freedoms that it gives us.

  • Most people know that our technology platforms are controlling us in line to us, our media platforms are controlling us in line to us, our governments are controlling us and lying to us and our banking institutions are controlling us and they're lying to us.

  • It's time to give the power back to the people.

  • It's time to take control of your own finances.

  • It's time to get your financial freedom back.

  • And that's what we're gonna do inside the defi academy.

  • And I couldn't be more excited over the upcoming months and years.

  • I'm gonna be having in depth conversations with some of the greatest minds and defy right here in the studio and we are going to be a part of constructing the future of finance to give people more freedom.

  • And that's why we created the defi Academy because we want to learn and teach from the best in the business and if you join me, I'm gonna teach you how to profit from what I'm calling the greatest dislocation of wealth in human history.

  • I'm looking for a small, select group of people who want to become part of an actively partake in what I'm calling the defi revolution.

  • I'm looking for only serious individuals with real net worth who want to help build this exciting financial infrastructure of the future.

  • I'm looking for partners, investors, collaborators, colleagues who want to join forces with us and create real value and generational wealth.

  • If you're one of those people, go apply right now at London, Well dot tv forward slash defy.

  • That's D E F I and I want to be clear, this is not for everyone else.

  • Okay, the defi Academy is not for crypto day traders.

  • The defi Academy is not for people looking to get rich quick.

  • The defi Academy is not for meme coins and forum trolls.

  • The defi Academy is not for Blockchain fanboys and crypto academics.

  • I'm not looking for this people at all what I'm looking for or a small group of people who want to invest in themselves long term and invest in this incredible technology and movement.

  • I'm looking for people that are ready to pull the trigger who are willing to get into the arena whose faces are going to be marred by dust and sweat and blood.

  • But in the end, these people are gonna know great enthusiasms, great devotions and great successes.

  • To be clear, this is not a get rich quick scene and I'm not promising overnight gains.

  • Instead my team and I are going to be building and investing in crucial parts of the D5 financial infrastructure for the future.

  • Sure, there's gonna be some incredible investment opportunities, but there also will be great risk.

  • Those go hand in hand and anybody telling you differently is lying.

  • Only those taking a long-term perspective need apply.

  • So again, I plan on dedicating the next 10 years of my life to defy and all of the financial infrastructure and if you want to join my elite team, now is your time.

  • Our first line of course is the defi accelerator.

  • It's the keys to unlock a $9 trillion four modules.

  • It's by invitation only based on your application.

  • Again, go to London dot tv forward slash defy If you want to be a part of this and again be a part of the greatest dislocation of wealth in human history.

  • And just to be clear to you, I'm doing this for three reasons.

  • Firstly, the insights and perspectives I'm gonna be giving you are going to be extremely valuable.

  • You can't find these anywhere else in the world because I bring my experience through finance, through broadcasting and through all things.

  • Cryptocurrency seconds.

  • I want this group to be small so I can give as much of my personal time to every single individual.

  • And third, I only want those with a long term perspective and real financial resources.

  • Yeah.

couple more comments we got cover several memes on instagram says, hi brian, you inspire me, thank you so much.

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Many People Are Now Opening Their Eyes To The Incredible Possibilities In DeFi.? Brian Rose

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