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  • you said it right there is this kind of puppet show going on, but it's been it's been sold to us.

  • You know, it's been sold to us and our I.

  • R.

  • S.

  • Are full in case, you know, robert, I did a live broadcast last friday and I was talking about my brand new defy academy and I had so many people ask me questions live robert and they were this, I'm a mother, I don't know anything about money.

  • Um I'm a worker and no one ever taught me about money.

  • I'm not smart enough to invest my money.

  • And I gave him answers probably straight out of the Kiyosaki playbook.

  • I said hold on a second, you've been brainwashed to tell you that you don't even know about your own livelihood.

  • This is what you work hard hours for.

  • And yet you're being told you're too stupid to even know how to use that, just like you're being told what to do with your own body and all these other things.

  • We can talk about politics for sure.

  • But it is this brainwashing process and we're gonna see if this crypto and defy thing breaks through.

  • Do you think it's going to make traction and breakthrough?

  • I mean it's already on people's minds.

  • You know these coins are becoming you know a trillion dollar market caps.

  • What do you what do you think is gonna happen in the next couple years in this space?

  • With defiant Bitcoin.

  • Well brian the one reason here and I get along very well is he went inside the stomach of the beast crypto is like peeing in the ocean.

  • It's nothing.

  • I mean so that's got trillion dollar cap.

  • Big fucking deal.

  • The point here is this this is your biggest asset.

  • That gap between your left here and you're right.

  • You I don't need money to make money.

  • The only reason I have gold suburb.

  • good credit theory of as tourism Valley.

  • I just do not want any more Zimbabwe dollars.

  • I just want us to work for so I can make more money without money.

  • It's called the Infinite return.

  • And that's all I worked for.

  • So I'm putting, you haven't seen guys like maybe for we walk in, we put a structure deal together, take a public route.

  • You know the game brian crypto is crypto is peeing in the ocean.

  • All it is to me it's better.

  • P the solar right?

  • Mhm mm.

  • Yeah.

  • Uh huh.

  • Wild.

  • Oh boy.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • Mhm.

you said it right there is this kind of puppet show going on, but it's been it's been sold to us.

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"Crypto Has a Trillion-Dollar Cap - That's Nothing" - Robert Kiyosaki On DeFi Real With Brian Rose

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/06/12
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