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  • they can come after me if they want.

  • But I'll run.

  • I will not put up with it.

  • I am a U.

  • S.

  • Marine.

  • I fought in Vietnam twice.

  • I fought for our freedom.

  • I'm not in favor of gold server or I am against the Fed the treasury and that criminal operation I want to get off that I.

  • V.

  • Line That comes from the banks and the teachers from the government and from Wall Street in 2021 June right now I'm accumulate as much gold silver and Bitcoin preparing for the day when it goes to bed coin this Fed coin if that comes it will be in response to Bitcoin that will wipe out the bankers over the world.

  • So you're happy to see these kids in the crypto markets because they're getting their hands dirty.

  • They're getting experience.

  • We still have the same mission which is to try to educate people that they have the power to transform themselves and not buy into this narrative.

  • And the reason it's good that the young people are practicing now is they at least have some experience.

  • They can move on and you do a great job by inspiring the younger generation keep going.

  • I don't think this Bitcoin George coin, gold, silver entrepreneurship, but if you do what school teaches you to do you'll end up like my poor dad, a P.

  • H.

  • Group, poor, helpless and desperate, but you've got to start and so all the young people now who are starting so would it be fair, stand up and do it again?

  • That's how you have to.

they can come after me if they want.

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A2 coin gold crypto fought young people silver


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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/06/12
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