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  • robert.

  • Let's talk about physical tangible assets.

  • Because you said recently, you said quote, the brain is designed to see the physical, the mind is designed to see the invisible.

  • And so for people that are brain oriented, you were saying they're screwed right now because there are these assets like Bitcoin and ethereum that aren't tangible.

  • And yet they could be real stores of value.

  • Tell me your thinking on this.

  • Well that's you're talking about Blockchain.

  • We went into the world to be invisible in 1989.

  • You know, when the Berlin wall came down on the World Wide Web went up 1989 was a big big year.

  • That as you know, long term capital management, all those guys came down around 1999, Amazon appeared and then 2008 was the credit default swaps and all this stuff.

  • It's all interested.

  • Nobody can see, we can't see amazon can see and you can see that you can see the products, but you don't see how massive they are.

  • You know, Apple is not an american conflict as you know, tried it.

  • So who controls Silicon Valley china?

  • How did biden when trying to Silicon valley?

  • And we all know that?

  • But we want to pretend our vote counts.

  • And I live in Arizona right now gets over.

  • Why are you living in Arizona?

  • Because the next country china is going to take down to Taiwan.

  • You know it I know you know trump's my friend, I know his national security guards China wants Taiwan.

  • They've always said they wanted Taiwan.

  • So that's why about 20 years ago company called Taiwan semiconductor moved out of Taiwan and into Arizona.

  • So now they call Arizona silicon desert.

  • And people say why are you doing in the desert?

  • That's why aren't you here?

  • Well the reason I'm here is Taiwan semiconductors here.

  • And right now the shortest thing on supply of semiconductors which are invisible.

  • And so the average person can't see that they're looking for a job at Mcdonald's.

  • They want to be a corporate they want to be a corporate executive.

  • Mcdonald's well if that's your choice is a free country but Mcdonald's is going to full automation.

  • They're gonna they're gonna they're gonna they're not gonna eat hamburger flippers soon because artificial intelligence is coming in.

  • You know I mean artificial intelligence was going to take out about 35 million jobs.

  • Truck drivers are gone and I scored the silk tank.

  • The kids go to school and get a job or become a doctor or a lawyer and then you're tethered to the I.

  • V.

  • Line from the government.

  • Call a paycheck mm.

  • Mhm.

  • Yeah.

  • Around wow.

  • Mhm.


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