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  • So on Wednesday I did a live broadcast from my studio called Dif I live where I called decentralized finance.

  • So these upcoming extremely exciting ways of running your personal finance away from the big institutions.

  • I called this new market anti fragile.

  • Now some of you would have heard this term, it was coined by Nassim Taleb a while back and he said anti fragile is a word to describe something that we really haven't been able to describe because fragile it was when something is very delicate, robust has been something strong.

  • But anti fragile is something that gets stronger.

  • The more you push it, the more you stress test it, the more you really mess with it.

  • And that's what we're seeing right now in the defi ecosystem because we see Kryptos go up and Kryptos go down.

  • Bitcoins crashing.

  • Bitcoins rallying.

  • But what we've seen over time is when these coins and these instruments have volatility.

  • It actually stress tests the defi ecosystem and it gets better case in point something Last year on March 12 called Black Thursday Bitcoin down 40% in a day, ethereum down 30% in a day.

  • And yet that gave birth to something called the defi summer where we had incredible amounts of innovation in the defi platforms for the following four months.

  • Now, recently we've had some price volatility in crypto and that's why I'm predicting a second defy summer over the next four or five months where there's going to be great innovation, some incredible new products and platforms coming out and we're all going to benefit.

  • So again, you know, if you look at the market through one lens, it seems like this is a very difficult time and day traders are having a hard time.

  • But if you look for a longer term perspective, if you want to build the future infrastructure, that's going to give financial freedom to billions of people right now, that don't have basic, you know, finance, that's a human right in my opinion.

  • Well then you're in the right place and actually volatility is very important.

  • So we bulletproof this defy ecosystem that we're all super excited about.

  • So that's my take on anti fragility and how it applies to defy it's real.

  • Um there's that great quote by Nici that which does not kill you, makes you stronger.

  • That in my opinion, is anti fragility.

  • And I'm the same way when you put me through the ringer, when you made me run Ironman races, when you give me hard times, I come back stronger.

  • So does defy leave your comment below.

  • Tell me if you agree or disagree.

  • And also tell me how you feel about defy.

  • And have you checked our stuff out?

  • And will you be going all in?

  • So that's it for me.

  • I'll see you.

  • I'm doing defy live today.

  • I'll see you on the broadcast later.

  • Yeah.

So on Wednesday I did a live broadcast from my studio called Dif I live where I called decentralized finance.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/06/11
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