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  • I thought my bank was going to close down my account at one point, my actual terrestrial bank here.

  • And so it showed me how important the finance was.

  • We had to go from payment platform to payment platform to payment platform because each one kept pulling us as soon as they saw some word on our site that we were talking about whether it was locked down or whatever.

  • Covid or masks or something.

  • So I know what that's like to have your money Um stopped by other forces and that's why we're really going hard on this whole decentralized finance ecosystem.

  • And I actually started working on Wall Street in 93.

  • I came to London to work in banking for nine years.

  • And when I'm looking at decentralized finance, the stuff that's happened in the last 12 to 18 months, it's incredible.

  • And it's not it's unbelievable.

  • It's unbelievable.

  • I mean I I put together some pretty complicated derivative trades in the nineties and I've seen what they developed in the last 12 months.

  • It took Wall Street 30 or 40 years to develop some of these systems in tech.

  • And so we've just created our our defi academy and we're going to basically bring in people that want to invest in this infrastructure for the future.

  • And I think it's gonna Be the solution to all of these banks and governments trying to pull people's money because if people knew the information they're banking institution had about them.

  • I mean forget about your browser data.

  • If I know where you spent every dollar for the past 10 years.

  • Dave I know more about you probably than any other source of information.

  • And yet we don't think about it.

  • We allow the banks to make us jump through hoops.

  • So many people in this world, billions of people don't even add access to banking.

  • They have to send money through Western Union for these ridiculous fees.

  • So yeah, I'm really bullish on defy, which is different than crypto.

  • Crypto is just one of the building blocks that defy.

  • And I'm sure you've gone down the rabbit hole.

  • But it's exciting and we're going all in on it.

  • Oh it's super exciting.

  • We've gone down the rabbit hole, I I can't tell you every rabbit hole that I've gone down because we've got lots of conversations with with interesting people about decentralized finance because obviously you don't want to be reliant solely on the banks, You don't want to be reliant solely on the usual payment processors, Paypal, et cetera.

  • Um But what a cool.

  • I mean, everything that you just said there In essence is you believe in human ingenuity that in a year and a half human ingenuity figured out something that took 30 years before to figure out.

  • And because of that we can figure out ways to solve problems and that's what I love and and again, I can always do a sci fi reference with almost everything.

  • But we're in the matrix right now and we're fighting the machines, the machines are everywhere, you know, the agents are everywhere, but a few of us that are awake, we can figure something out and it's just not gonna be easy.

  • Neo Neo wasn't the happiest guy in the world, morpheus wasn't thrilled with life every day, but he had a mission to accomplish and that gave him purpose and and they fixed the world, although part four is coming out, so who knows how it is.

  • Really my worst.

  • Yeah, wow, still more pressure.

  • Mhm.

I thought my bank was going to close down my account at one point, my actual terrestrial bank here.

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We’re In The Matrix ❗️ Dave Rubin On DeFi I London Real With Brian Rose

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