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  • tell me about the DNA and the telomeres and all that because there's other stuff going on.

  • Yes.

  • I can't really reveal all But according to the top researchers with whom we work right now we found that these exercises horror Matic exercising is enabled us to go to the deepest levels of the DNA and how it works.

  • Uh Is actually once again simple.

  • Yeah simple.

  • But genius is life and life.

  • If you follow live the life force which is the breath and learn to manipulate it you will be able to activate the protective shield around the cell once.

  • Uh Imagine if we have no uh protective shield around to sell and inflammation comes in and oxidative stress comes in because we live in a stressful world and radiation comes in.

  • This comes in uh and there is no original protective shield around the cell then it masses.

  • It's going to mass influence negatively into the telomeres which is the cell division that guarantees the longevity of our lives.

  • Which is messing up with our genome expression.

  • The genomes is about a quality of life becoming inflamed yes or no to have a control yes or no.

  • If inflammation is able to get into our cells, it does negative work.

  • Now we found that through these breathing techniques we learn to activate the protective shield around yourself.

  • What if then if the protective shield is activated, then inflammation is not able to get in.

  • Oxidative stress is not able to come in.

  • Then the cell division suddenly becomes longer.

  • The telomeres become longer with that the guarantee of cell division.

  • Cell division is life is time of life.

  • We can influence that.

  • Big time, big band, big time bob.

  • Another thing is we will also have the negative influences of inflammation and oxidative stress no longer in our genome expressions and energy will be there because we transport oxygen, minerals, vitamins, the right energy throughout the body.

  • And then suddenly life becomes so much better genome expressions can become better.

  • Uh the longevity all through breathing, Just breathing and your consciousness, your perception, your neurology.

  • So mind because hey, but I'm already breathing.

  • Hey man, uh neurology really goes on, look into this and get on with it.

  • It's like the baby once again is nothing wrong with the legs.

  • But the neurology, the neurological pathways are yet not made.

  • But with this I guarantee you will be able to unlock the secrets of life itself because it is bound and we are born with it to know what the secret of life is, to know what the soul is all about.

  • And now we got the instruments to see it on DNA level, to see it in brain scans, to see it in the blood, to see it in the nervous system in all that.

  • So we found these techniques and they are very simple and very effective.

  • Just follow the road and you begin with one step in the right direction and soon you make big distance.

  • What what what?

  • Water?

  • Yeah.

  • What for more?

  • More?

  • Uh huh.

tell me about the DNA and the telomeres and all that because there's other stuff going on.

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Mind Over Matter - “Human psychology is able to master human physiology“ - Wim Hof I London Real

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