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  • talk about some of the things you did because you first started breaking world records for spending time in the cold and people are like who is this guy?

  • And you'd spend an hour in the cold and an hour and a half in the cold in an hour and 45 minutes in the ice.

  • And then you went and did this immune system study with a think university in holland where they university they injected you with like an E.

  • Coli that would normally cause a violent physical reaction and with your breathing technique You had no reaction.

  • And it was scientifically proven.

  • Right then you went and taught I think 10 random people to do the same thing.

  • So it wasn't just you being a genetic freak.

  • So this is slowly people starting to understand why their science here.

  • There's science and now you've done more of these studies.

  • Yes we reproduce that study which fundamentally changed the books in the university namely that the autonomic nervous system can be deeply influenced And that after 16,130 for same experiments it controlled.

  • And the toxin experiment wherein everybody was injected with the E.

  • Coli bacteria which makes the people sick between three and six hours.

  • Very sick like uncontrolled shivering, a fever, severe headaches, all overall muscle ache back aids things like that.

  • Really sick But controlled.

  • It's after six hours it goes down and you become normal again it's a controlled experiment.

  • So it's more than 16,000 people have undergone the same experiment, the same injection of the bacteria and nobody could find off the reaction on the immune system caused By the injected E.

  • Coli bacteria.

  • And that was like no one in science yet.

  • That is because we have no control over the immune system which is related to the autonomic nervous system.

  • We have no control over that.

  • And then suddenly 12 people show 100% score well after four days over the immune system and activating the deeply into the autonomic nervous system.

  • That fundamentally has changed our beliefs and insights and understanding of what we as humans are capable of within our bodies.

  • That was only the start.

  • We reproduced that study with more people and we got the same results.

  • You taught them your breathing techniques.

  • Yes, they got injected, yes.

  • And they were able to not have no symptoms of a fever, no uncontrolled.

  • They felt okay.

  • They began to make jokes like they that must be a sort of placebo or nocebo or whatever it must be sugar water because the e coli bacteria is not here.

  • And they were doing the Wim hof breathing method every 30 minutes for six hours.

  • Or you I always say do it as much as you feel you need.

  • Okay.

  • These breathing techniques enable you to go deeply within your physiology.

  • And if something is wrong in your physiology, that is, for example an injected bacteria, then you are able to tap into your own physiology and get rid of uh the intruder in this case.

  • The bacteria are we built like that?

  • Yes, we are built that that fundamentally changed our perspectives and understanding of what we as humans are capable of.

  • Yeah, that is a result.

  • And now I'm I'm going on since the last time I told my dramatic story of life and it was dramatic, et cetera.

  • And I was incapable after the suicide of my woman in 95 because of being schizophrenic, manic depression.

  • Right now, I'm changing the psychiatrist insight of what we as humans with our conscious will are capable of in fending of, say uh depression, psychosis, fear trauma pTSD anything.

  • We are able to tackle the terrorists because the real terrorists is inside and we are able to tackle that through what simple techniques of breathing makes you a possible alchemist, the Alchemist within.

  • It's not out there.

  • We don't need to Gold, we need to become the golden man, the golden jew man.

  • We need to radiate, we need to be like the sun the corona to become the king, the queen as we are and feel it that way.

  • In that way, we radiate that energy and we bring prosperity for everybody.

  • My horse.

  • Yeah, my mom wow!

  • More, more, more.

  • Mhm.

talk about some of the things you did because you first started breaking world records for spending time in the cold and people are like who is this guy?

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How To Become An Alchemist - Rewriting Science - Wim Hof I London Real With Brian Rose

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