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  • So recently I posted an old conversation I had about Bitcoin.

  • This was six years ago, it was with Andrea Sandton ah Poulos the Bitcoin jesus.

  • And he was trying to explain what Bitcoin was and what defy was.

  • And again, decentralized finance was very nascent at the time, It wasn't even clear what it was going to become.

  • But he came up with this incredible analogy that I want to share with you because it really hits home to what the point is.

  • All right back in 1992, back in 1990, all people knew that the that the internet was was email because that's all we used it for.

  • I got my first email account in 1989 when I went to M.

  • I.

  • T.

  • And I emailed my brother, he was at stanford.

  • But that's what I thought the internet was because I didn't see any other uses for it at the time.

  • And that's what Bitcoin is.

  • It's the email equivalence of what the internet was.

  • Now a few years later, fast forward and we have a browser and a few years later We have mobile phones and now the Internet is integrated into every part of our life.

  • This is how we extrapolate what we saw happen in Bitcoin over the past 12 years into what is now decentralized finance and that's why it literally is like night and day.

  • Bitcoin is a single commodity.

  • That of course is very volatile, volatile defy as an entire ecosystem that will infiltrate all aspects of our life.

  • Just like the internet has.

  • Now if I asked you what's in between email and internet you would laugh at me and say brian there's actually two different things.

  • That's the same when it comes to Bitcoin and defy and so if you start to think of it this way, you'll stop focusing on this uh volatile price of this specific Cryptocurrency or any of them.

  • And you'll think about this future infrastructure that it's going to be woven into our daily lives.

  • And, let's be honest, every moment of your life is effectively a transaction.

  • It's happening whether you know it or not, your transport, your entertainment, your food, your clothing, your rent, you're insured.

  • All of these things are actually happening in real time.

  • And yet they're being controlled by gatekeepers, like banks and governments and financial institutions that are basically ripping your eyeballs out every single day with their massive margins with their lack of innovation, which means you pay in the long run.

  • And this adds up to mean that you basically get squeezed out of a lot of potential possibilities, and a lot of potential disposable income defy changes all of that because there's people all over the world that are coding right now creating d apps, uh which are these density, centralized apps that are going to give you all sorts of new options when it comes to how you use finance in your life.

  • And it's going to give you back the freedom you deserve to make those choices without Big Brother, without a bank of government or regulator looking over your shoulder.

  • And I was having a conversation last night on London Real with Dave Rubin.

  • Um you know, there's credit card processors that will shut your payments down because they think what you're doing is somehow against the law or should be censored or whatever.

  • You know, we struggle with that with our fight for free speech last year.

  • And so again defy cuts all that nonsense out And it gives the power back to the people, it gives you the real freedom to create.

  • And again, this stuff going on in D5.

  • It's so innovative, it's moving so fast.

  • I haven't seen anything like this since 30 years ago when I worked on Wall Street and we were doing cutting edge derivatives instruments innovation.

  • This is next level and it's growing so rapidly.

  • I grew at an 88 times rate in the last 12 months, which is basically unheard of and that's why we're going all in on it here in London Real.

  • We've created the defi academy and it's already oversubscribed.

  • We're getting so many applications for this.

  • If you want to be a part of a select group of people that want to spend the next 10 years going all in on what I call the greatest dislocation of wealth in human history.

  • $9 trillion per year up for grabs.

  • Join me.

  • There's a link below London bill that tv forward slash defy fill out your application.

  • Tell me what do you bring to the table and then potentially come on me with this crazy adventure.

  • It's gonna be a lot of fun and we're going to change the game and make a lot of money.

  • It's going to be incredible.

  • So I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

  • Yeah.

So recently I posted an old conversation I had about Bitcoin.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/06/03
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