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  • the price of the Bitcoin is not what matters.

  • It's the adoption and it's all the infrastructure that comes on the back of that so we can expect much more price volatility and Bitcoin.

  • But what we're talking about here is decentralized finance.

  • This is the infrastructure the building blocks of your future relationship with money.

  • And let's be honest here money and your relationship with money, it affects every single part of your life.

  • Every single daily activity has some type of transaction to it.

  • And if we can find a way to decentralize it, it's literally going to change the way that you live your life.

  • And I want to play a couple more clips from you.

  • I want to play one more from Andreas because he's got an incredible way of articulating how this stuff makes a difference to actually our humanity in our lives and our freedoms and that's why I've been talking about cryptocurrencies and and defy in some way, shape or form for the past eight years on London real because it's about freedom and it's about how we can live our lives in a freer way.

  • Um and how we can really control our assets and our money as opposed to that being controlled by governments, by corporations, by all sorts of other laws and protocols that are always in our best interests.

  • And so I want to play this last clip and this is Andreas explaining what happens when you decentralized finance because there's six billion people in the world right now, they don't have access to finance.

  • They aren't able to uh to be able to pick up the phone and buy a stock or trade foreign exchange in Tokyo or you know, get a loan for their car.

  • There are people out there that don't have any finance whatsoever.

  • Imagine if we could give them access to these markets.

  • Imagine if every single one of these billions of people could get micro loans, could get insurance contracts, should be able to borrow to lend all of these things.

  • It would cause a rate of growth that's almost hard to fathom.

  • And this is Andrea's going a bit deeper of how Bitcoin and defy is going to change the world.

  • It all goes back to this fundamental question we love on our planet with 7.5 billion people and 224 billion people are completely cut off from finance and almost 5 to 6 billion people are cut off from international finance.

  • What happens to the world economy when you bring six billion new people online?

  • People who are productive but disconnected?

  • What happens to their lives?

  • What happens to poverty across the world when you can extend financial services, opportunity, credit liquidity?

  • Like if you're even if you're in a developed nation today, where can you invest your money?

  • No, where there is nothing you can invest money in today.

  • The real estate market is a huge bubble.

  • You can't buy cars because that's a huge bubble.

  • Student loans are a bubble in the US.

  • Uh now right there, there are no investment outlets because nothing is productive.

  • What about if you're investing in a billion people who are in poverty and I could take £1000 split it into 1000 microloans and joined together with a million investors to fund those microloans.

  • What happens then?

  • Direct no banks, no intermediaries, no overheads, no costs.

  • Direct funding.

  • Developed world to developing world, person to person from my smartphone in Trafalgar Square to a Kenyan farmers text messaging phone, which they can then use to buy seed or stock up a small store or start a sewing business or buy a scooter and use it as a taxi service for a rural environment.

  • That is where Bitcoins possibility really is the reason we cannot extend financial services to the rest of the world is not because they don't have money.

  • It's not because they don't have productive potential is because banking as a series of brick and mortar high overhead high margin services is not scalable.

  • But banking as an app backed by a network based currency and system of trust scales enormously and it can be extended into the most remote areas.

  • I love watching and listening to these videos because Andreas is predicting what has now happened in decentralized finance and when he's talking about that Kenyan farmer, it's it's not that they don't have money, it's not that they don't have productive capacity but they lack access to finance and that stops them from growing at a rate that they could be imagined.

  • You or me walking down Trafalgar Square or Times Square in new york city and being able to do a micro loan to some farmer there or some other um individual in a rural environment and allow them to grow that capital at an incredible exponential rate without having the gatekeepers of the banking industry and the government's getting in our way.

  • It's so exciting and I feel so fortunate to be able to have been on the ground floor with so much of this education over the past eight years of London Real, because this is ultimately about freedoms and that's why I'm so excited to talk more about defy today and the next steps and why it's so important that you get involved in this market now, because it is going to change your life and you can be involved in the ground floor and be a part of the building of this infrastructure.

  • Mm.

  • Mhm.

the price of the Bitcoin is not what matters.

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