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  • I have two young boys, two and three years old.

  • How do I raise them in this age?

  • To make sure they say we use the word raised only for cattle.

  • Yes, human beings you don't raise even for plants.

  • We say we cultivate, but only for cattle, sheep.

  • We said we raised the flock so this race thing has come from a very religious backgrounds.

  • You want to raise them.

  • That means you want to raise them in such a way that they will not think one thing more than what you teach them.

  • This is a way of subjugating future generations.

  • This is a way of subjugating human intelligence.

  • No, you should not raise your voice.

  • They don't belong to you.

  • You must understand this just a privilege that they've come through you.

  • It's a privilege you must enjoy, create the necessary atmosphere, a healthy, loving, nice, pleasant atmosphere so that they will grow of their own accord.

  • You raising the means, you screwing them up.

  • That's what raising them means.

  • Please don't do it.

  • Next generation should not be like you.

  • It should be in a way that you cannot imagine.

  • This is even possible, isn't it?

  • Yes.

  • Your own daughter, You didn't have anyone teach her math or letters or languages.

  • You just let her grow.

  • Mhm.

  • Uh huh.

  • I'm not okay.

I have two young boys, two and three years old.

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