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  • you mentioned affirmations there.

  • Uh It's one of the main things I learned at the seminar.

  • And I actually read my affirmations out loud as I walk down the sidewalk to the tube every morning, and when people walk by me, I try to force myself to say them louder.

  • Like that one.

  • Yeah.

  • Just because I get it out and I'm proud of them and I just manifest them.

  • And if people want to hear me well, I don't really care because it helps me just be into those.

  • Yeah, your affirmations.

  • Uh you still see him in the same every night.

  • No, I don't see it in the morning.

  • I used to say I'm morning when I first got up During that same time period, I'm just talking about the 345 minutes, although it takes me a long because I have uh 19 affirmations, but I say before I go to bed with my prayers, I still say my prayers every night At 70.

  • That I don't know how unusual that is and I'm not a priest or you know God forbid.

  • But I mean I I say my prayers and I say my affirmations and you have an affirmation for every goal.

  • No, I have actually, I have more affirmations and I have goals because I have after me, I have three kids.

  • So uh I have one goal and three affirmations for that one goal, because it's for three different kids.

  • And now I have a granddaughter.

  • So I've added 1/4 affirmation off the one goal.

  • Uh so I have a About seven or 8 or affirmations that I have goals.

  • Can you give us an example of uh I I'm excited every day enhancing sally hall, the love of my life, my wife be all she can be.

  • Uh and her engaging in something that scares her every day and as a chartered accountant with multiple degrees, She's risk averse.

  • She can look at the numbers and say there's only eight probability that's going to happen.

  • forget that eight shit but 10 is 80 she'll look.

  • But then I know it's age, I can't block that out.

  • So so that's that's one of my goals.

  • I I'm I'm I'm excited thrilled uh that I'm pushing my mentees towards the goal line every day beyond their comfort zones.

  • And I got a bunch of them, I've got a bunch of kids, you know I've got on any given day.

  • I you know I asked you last night how come I know the 100 business models of my mentees better than they do?

  • Good question.

  • Is it because I want their success more than they do.

  • Yes.

  • Is it because I know the better.

  • I know there model the harder I can push them.

  • Yes.

  • Is it because I know I can make them more accountable the better.

  • I know their business model, yes, I know their business model, they wish I didn't know their fucking business models so well because I can look at their weekly reports, that's horseshit, That didn't happen.

  • I'll email with a big red font in between.

  • Do you want to correct that answer?

  • And sheepishly, I can just see him type it?

  • Oh it must be a mistake.

  • I'm sorry, it's not a mistake.

  • They just thought they got sloppy.

  • They don't bullshit me.

  • They thought I forgot, don't forget anything.

  • You once told me I was asking you about you writing emails all these people and I was like, why dan?

  • And you're like, because I see so much potential and yeah, I do.

  • It pisses me off and I see more potential than their parents see.

  • Mhm, mm.

  • Yeah.

you mentioned affirmations there.

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50 Billion Dollar Habits - Dan Pena On Affirmations - 50 Billion Dollar Man By London Real

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