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  • Yeah, thanks for the movie and the show.

  • Tonight I was listening to one of the things you're saying on stage and it struck me as a contradiction from something we watched the movie in the movie.

  • There's this idea of beginner mindset and constantly playing and trying and exposing yourself to new fears and on says you're saying about nutrition and not wanting to say much because you don't know much about it and it seems like a contradiction to me.

  • I was wondering if you could talk on that may be either clear it up or say why in one domain, say philosophizing or teaching or educating.

  • You'll only do it if you are an expert where in the domain of movement it's, it's about actually going forward and having a beginner mindset strikes me as a contradiction.

  • I was wondering if you could talk about you, you misunderstood.

  • Um first I'll address the part of contradiction.

  • If you didn't find many contradictions actually within the film every moment, then I'm disappointed because for me, a true sign of intelligence is how many contradictions can you hold in your mind at the same time as Albert Einstein said, that's that's the whole game and as the misconception and I will not lecture and teach nutrition, it doesn't mean I don't pursue it as a practitioner.

  • So the beginner mindset is the practitioner side.

  • I would practice and aspire to become better at new things that they don't understand, but I don't place myself as a teacher for those things if I'm not feeling, I'm in a and advanced enough stage in the game.

  • So two different modes.

  • I myself still research nutrition.

  • I don't lecture it because I don't research it enough.

  • Can you talk about this contradiction as in the more developed, their intelligent you are the more contradictions you can hold in your mind, Can you explain that?

  • How much can you hold in your mind now at the same time?

  • That's that's that's really the sign of thing.

  • That's really, that's like you, but the real, like you're not the shitty test called, like that's intellect.

  • How much can you hold at the same time and the same goals.

  • Can you hold a sign of intelligence is the ability to hold two contradictory ideas in your mind at the same time?

  • Because contrary to what we feel often life is not this or that it never is and hence if you want to feel a piece of reality, what's the first thing you gotta do hold two contradictory things in your mind?

  • That's now is um that's the heart of buddhism, that's the heart of everything.

  • That's the heart of a lot of it sits in the heart of religions as well.

  • But then repackaged, repackaged, repackaged, and sometimes we air on presenting over simplistic picture.

  • This is right or this is right.

  • There is no right.

  • There's just a complexity because we move into complexity that I get continue watching this fascinating conversation for free by clicking on the link below to visit our website, learned from the best minds in the world and connect with a community of passionate people building the best versions of themselves.

  • Just click on the link below and I'll see you on the inside.

Yeah, thanks for the movie and the show.

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