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  • What did you do to help save the world?

  • We're in a dark age.

  • Our unhappy, addicted, ego driven condition has become not simply the source of our own unhappiness,

  • that was bad enough, but now it's the source of great discomfort and dislocation for all life and human society on the planet.

  • The moral bankruptcy of Western civilization has become more and more apparent.

  • We are out of control and cannot stop ourselves.

  • We are a world dying under anesthesia for lack of authentic experience, authentic connection with the living world out of which we came.

  • The news comes from the rain forests and the deserts, that these aboriginal people, while we made the descent into history and got the top quark and planted the flag on the moon and all that,

  • they kept the faith,

  • and they have a tool box that can carry us back into a connection with the planet.

  • The psychedelics lift the veil on the intention of the Gaian mind,

  • and we are but atoms in that Gaian mind.

  • If we do not follow its purpose, we have no purpose.

  • What kind of people shall we be?

  • It's up to each one of us to relate to this situation in a fashion that will allow us to answer the question that will surely be put to us at some point in the future,

  • which is, what did you do to help save the world?

What did you do to help save the world?

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TERENCE MCKENNA'S MISSION - What Did You Do To Help Save The World - Terence McKenna In Reconnect

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/06/01
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