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  • I want to move on to Gabor mate and dr government has really been a pivotal part of London Real since the very beginning.

  • We featured him in our last documentary feature film, iron mined last year when he was talking about me and my traumas and he's back in this film as well, reconnect.

  • So we're super excited to have got Beaumont in the room, got Vermont has worked on the streets of Vancouver with some very serious addicts and understands the concept of trauma and how that that reflects into addiction.

  • And here's got Beaumont talking about this concept that we live in a traumatized society and that causes society to act in a way that gets us to where we are today, trauma isn't what happens to you, Tell us what happens inside you.

  • And the primary aspect of trauma is that the person who is traumatized is alone with their difficult emotions.

  • So your parents could have had the divorce but have you not been alone with how you felt?

  • You would not have been traumatized.

  • But the fact is there's nobody for you to talk to about it.

  • By that time you learned that you're alone in this world.

  • That's what causes the trauma.

  • We live in a culture, we live in a society and that is an impact on us.

  • So it's not an individual question.

  • It's a social and political economic questions we have here is a system in deep crisis where inequality is rising as the environment is being degraded all in the name of profit.

  • We live in a system that for the sake of its survival is willing to destroy its very grand for survival.

  • That's just the reality of it, which on the social level manifest the eagle run rampant because ego just wants to aggrandize itself.

  • Sure, I'm saying this culture has gone insane.

  • This is a highly traumatized society.

  • And so it's difficult in this high traumatized world to raise Children who are not traumatized.

  • It's difficult, it's a real child.

  • But I'm saying this is the world that we're living in, so this is the world in which there's even more need for self examination.

  • Always love hearing from Dr Gabor mate and he really put this in perspective because if our society is traumatized, we're going to behave in really disconnected ways from our environment and from each other.

  • But again it all comes down to the individual.

  • So if we can find a way of releasing our individual trauma, we believe that's the way that we can reduce this trauma of the society and that's a lot what this latest movie called Reconnect has to do.

  • Um and so that's why we're super excited to premier it on december 5th here in London at London Rio.

I want to move on to Gabor mate and dr government has really been a pivotal part of London Real since the very beginning.

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This Culture Has Gone insane - Trauma & Addiction Expert, Gabor Maté - Reconnect By London Real

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/05/14
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