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  • let's face it, psychedelics have always had a bad reputation.

  • Our culture tells us that they are dangerous drugs that they'll fry your brain, make you crazy and even jump out of windows.

  • But all of that is changing.

  • And some people are talking about them differently.

  • All ancient civilizations were using means to alter consciousness and that they were central to some of the best and greatest achievements.

  • And that's why they call them teacher plants.

  • And then we have our society that comes along.

  • It's just this little blip of 100 years of high tech, industrialized civilization and it suddenly pronounces that this whole human heritage is completely wrong.

  • Maybe we should be considering that the depth of human experience is more than just material things and technology and our egos.

  • Yeah, I do see these medicines as addressing some of the big problems we face as a society, the environmental crisis which flows from our disconnection from nature and tribalism, which flows from our disconnection from people unlike ourselves.

  • In both cases, I think it's very it's very ego consciousness in that we're objectifying the other, which once you objectify you're free to exploit it, extracted do whatever you want.

  • It's going to take some consciousness change to get us out of the box we're in.

  • You know, the evidence is there that these these compounds used in the right professional way can be very helpful.

  • And so that's the thing.

  • You know, what do you do with this opportunity?

  • How do you do it?

  • Right.

  • Ah.

let's face it, psychedelics have always had a bad reputation.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/05/14
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