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  • I was just saying to this lovely lady, I've seen a lot of people running saying vote for Ryan.

  • I do like your, your manifesto for the future.

  • It's impressive.

  • I regard let's do this, wrote mine when I get home, I'm going to go and vote.

  • Let's hope let's hope we can't have, I can't say names, but we can't have the current mayor still sitting on the ground time.

  • Big time business.

  • Well, I'd like to invest and I've got quite a few properties and this major rent control.

  • I mean, I can understand where he's coming from.

  • But let's be fair, you can't actually have rent control in the city of London because there are some place like for instance, I'm gonna rent this property.

  • I'm not gonna read before the same price.

  • I'm going to put these kneeling or somewhere, you know, you're paying for the location on.

  • Yeah, So in that sense, I mean, I think it's totally wrong control.

  • Look, you know, London was built on businessman.

  • The romans didn't come down this river because of the view that came because it was for commerce.

  • And I think the mayor forgets that sometimes you got to empower developers, you've got to empower business people and you gotta make it easy to do business.

  • And I feel like the labour party, they look at business people to make a profit.

  • Like you did something wrong, your profits turn into more profits for others is actually common.

  • And that's why I can you build jobs Bill johnson that I saw very quickly today.

  • It's like you raise taxes, you can trust the government spending money better than business.

  • Truth is good.

  • Business is good for everyone.

  • We saw that during lockdown, when business is down, this city suffers our health suffers from the rich to the poor because the money doesn't get filtered down the course of the worst.

  • Even some of the progressive taxes, the congestion charge, You kidding me?

  • The poor people, I've been 30 years in business, 10 years in the city.

  • I worked on Wall Street, This guy over here.

  • He's never he's never run a business in his life, you know, 18 years as a politician.

  • So you've got to work with business and support business.

  • I mean, I totally agree with you and I do wish you all the best and I wish that you do get in power because hopefully change what we mean.

  • That's the plan Brian from here.

  • Let's do this.

  • We got big changes, we got the manifesto for the future.

I was just saying to this lovely lady, I've seen a lot of people running saying vote for Ryan.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/05/11
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