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  • these elections are going to be disruptive because the people are tired of woke is um you know what I mean?

  • We're just tired of woke topia, we're tired of being told that were horrible human beings because we want to live their lives.

  • I've been shocked being across the pond if you will um at the state of London, London being locked down in perpetuity.

  • Um you know, I think it's disappointing, especially Boris johnson is the prime Minister.

  • So you can hardly say, oh well this is because of the Labour Party or this, you know this or that.

  • It's just this is not what freedom is.

  • And I think something that really speaks to how much the generations have changed, how much the brits have changed, how much the americans have changed is the recent passing of Prince Philip and reading everything he lived through.

  • Um and then he kind of fast forward to his grandson, sitting down with Oprah complaining about how difficult it's been to be a multimillionaire and that really is the story of how much the generations have shifted in the wrong direction.

  • Um and so we need to bring it back and we bring it back by providing honest assessments and perspective is my favorite word and I'm always comparing myself against my grandfather whenever I feel uh like I might want to complain about something, I think about the fact that my grandfather was a sharecropper who wasn't allowed to go to school, who had his first job to segregate itself, Laying out tobacco to dry when he was five.

  • Um and I, I think that right now conservatism is desperately needed across the country.

  • The perspective that conservatism brings, Yeah, so powerful.

  • You say that and you know, I've been having flashbacks to my grandparents recently and I remember I was in phoenix Arizona and my grandma drove by a field with me about 8, 10 years ago and she said you see that field, Your grandpa pulled stumps out of the ground for two years before he could plant the cotton and you know, I don't think I complained about anything for a year after she said that.

  • And so it's always important to see your grandparents perspective.

  • And the thing I love about Britain, probably what you love about it is that indomitable spirit, that just kind of you know, the history of this country and everything they went through and like you said with Prince Philip and you just look at his whole life and you're like wow, you know, he was on a warship in Italy, he was doing all these things and I mean the boys, even the boys, the boys at Dunkirk, I mean it's really a sad state and now you've got people that think they're being personally attacked if they see someone not wearing a mask, I mean, she's pathetic.

  • It really it's gotten to the point where it's pathetic, and I see these images of wear a mask, you save lives and and all the stuff, and it's like these people think they're courageous because they're staying locked in their homes, uh and they're masking themselves and not seeing their grandparents, who, by the way, if you actually spoke to those grandparents, none of them are asking for you to lock yourselves at home.

  • Certainly not my grandfather.

  • Mhm.

  • Okay.

these elections are going to be disruptive because the people are tired of woke is um you know what I mean?

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THIS IS NOT WHAT FREEDOM IS! Candace Owens Shocked At The State Of London

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/05/07
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