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  • And, you know, right now, we have a two party system here in Britain and other places around the world and it has a stranglehold on government.

  • And the decisions that are made for government.

  • And what they do is this they give you an illusion of choice every 4 to 5 years and then they sign off on each other's failures.

  • It's the same show in repeat over and over again, those people that argue every single month and the Greater London Assembly, they're all paid by you the taxpayer.

  • There was a debate on the BBC the other night.

  • They brought two candidates and they had the same argument they've been having for five years, all paid for by you, the taxpayer.

  • That's who pays their salaries.

  • And there's no innovation from these two parties.

  • There are hundreds of years old, they've got tens of millions of pounds in corporate donations and there's just no accountability.

  • I don't know if there are backroom deals, but I just don't like it.

  • And the more I learn about politics, the more, quite frankly, it makes me sick.

  • And I think it's time to go in with a fresh ideas and independent voice and take London in a new direction.

  • There's something called the innovator's dilemma.

  • I don't know if you've heard about it, But it says that innovation always comes from the little guy, always comes from the new voice because the establishment, it just doesn't want to change.

  • It doesn't need to change.

  • They'll continue being elected for the next 100 years.

  • They'll make small incremental change, but they'll never come up with the big ideas.

  • And I had a kid stopped me the other day and he said, brian, you're the Elon musk of british politics.

  • And I was like, all right, I'll take that compliment.

  • But what do you mean?

  • And he said, well, here's a guy that had a brilliant idea.

  • Let's build an electric car.

  • And yet everyone told him it couldn't be done.

  • The big auto companies said no, we're going to force him out.

  • We're going to short sell his stock.

  • We're gonna do everything we can do to make sure he doesn't break our stranglehold on the world.

  • And what did he do?

  • He persevered.

  • He's successful and what's happening now?

  • Everyone's building electric cars.

  • And so he said, brian, I see the same with you.

  • We've got these incredible ideas and when we put them out there, you can't put the genie back in the bottle.

  • We think when we get these ideas out there, it will change London regardless lee.

  • And so we're super excited for what we put together.

  • And just a few days ago we released a detailed detailed blueprint of how we're going to solve London's problems and it's called our manifesto for the Future.

  • Has anyone seen this document?

  • It's incredible, incredible piece.

  • We've got thousands that were going to distribute today to all of you, and this is something we couldn't be more proud of.

  • Couldn't be more proud of.

  • This is a 50 page detailed document on the solutions to all of London's problems from our economy, to putting 10,000 officers on the streets to building 50,000 new affordable homes, to actually solving our transportation system problem.

  • We couldn't be more proud.

  • And this document is the result of eight months of really hard work.

  • We put so much time into this, it's absolutely incredible.

  • We've had senior members of the House of Lords working on this, we've had senior members of the Metropolitan Police Department, senior members of Transport for London, incredible architects, doctors, scientists, Nobel Prize winners.

  • Uh, not to mention economists and entrepreneurs, Everyone working to help make this a reality, but it wasn't just them.

  • It's actual real Londoners on the streets.

  • I've spoken with someone that said my cousin got stabbed last weekend brian, what can we do?

  • My business is going bankrupt and they won't allow me to get back to business.

  • I can't afford the congestion charge.

  • I can't even see my mother on the weekends.

  • What can you do brian?

  • And so I took every single one of those comments and we baked it into this document and I'm so proud of this piece.

  • I actually think it's going to change London's and future.

  • And God forbid I get hit by a bus tomorrow.

  • Hopefully it's not my bus.

  • Right?

  • But if I do, I'm confident that one of you could pick up this document and charge on into the future because this is it.

And, you know, right now, we have a two party system here in Britain and other places around the world and it has a stranglehold on government.

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Same Puppet Show Paid By YOU, The Tax Payer! Meet Brian Rose, The Elon Musk Of Politics ???

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/05/06
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