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  • Yeah, you said it right there.

  • I mean, first of all I work for 10 years in the city of London here in the financial center.

  • It really is the engine of this city and somewhat the country, you know, it's responsible for a big chunk of GDP and a big chunk of tax receipts and all those people are now working from home.

  • And again, I'm not, I'm not convinced the innovation happens when people are always working remotely as well.

  • And so it's also look at the cities and how safe they are.

  • I mean, I lived in new york city for four years.

  • I lived in California for most of my life.

  • I would never move back to either one of those places right now if I move back to the U.

  • S.

  • Which I won't be, but I wouldn't even consider it.

  • And so I keep telling Londoners, we are poised to become the greatest city in the world.

  • And, and you know, that's a weird thing for maybe to say here and there like ah you're being a little american here.

  • But I'm like, no, we are actually being serious because we actually haven't suffered from a lot of the issues you're seeing in America, we haven't seen the massive division, we haven't seen the attacks on the police here.

  • You know, things are still doable.

  • We have seen a shutdown in a lockdown, which I think again, there could have been much more innovation here Patrick, they just shut things down.

  • Leaders should innovate with here.

  • All they have is a hammer.

  • Everything looks like a nail.

  • It was a binary decision on or off when I think we could have done much more, but I'm seeing a city that could emerge as a leader in europe right now with the second worst performing economy biggest recession in 300 years or a leader in the world.

  • And like you said, look what we're competing with raising taxes in the US.

  • It's just the last thing you can do that is good for business.

  • And so I'm telling Londoners, look what we could do to be proactive in rebuilding our city.

  • One of my big policies is do something called the Great Celebration in august, which is 31 days of street festivals.

  • Music bears show to the world that London is back for business.

  • We put this period behind us and we're going to start investing in ourselves.

  • I want to bring 20 million people safely to the city and just show everybody we're back and to show off what Britain, you know, used to lead the world in right everything we did well to remind everyone that we're still here.

  • And I was speaking with one of the most senior members of the Metropolitan Police and he said brian, you'll like this Patrick.

  • He said brian, do you know that most corporate ceos have their home office where they live and I was like yeah that's probably right, he said.

  • So what do you what do they need in that city?

  • They need a safe city and a good place for their kids and their schools.

  • He said that's one of the driving factors of 50 to 60% of the choices of the ceos.

  • He said a safe city is so important, a place like Sao Paulo might not get people moving their whole global offices too.

  • So a safe city is good for long term business as well and we're suffering from knife crime.

  • The last thing I would say in this journey is I've seen so many revenue streams pop out Whereas the two party system, I mean the current mayor 18 years, he's been a politician, just like the previous mayor before him.

  • They just wanted, he wants to come prime minister, this is a career for him.

  • And so they're not thinking about the Citizens, they're thinking about their next job.

  • I see what is right now a bankrupt transport for London, our, our tube network and bus network.

  • I see revenue streams everywhere there.

  • Patrick, I see infrastructure levies for creating these masses commercial developments because of new tube lines.

  • I see retail, I see information there.

  • Um, I see a way to build modular housing quickly, customize designed in a factory and built on site housing problems.

  • Boom, I see ways to cut through.

  • And the one thing the citizens of London say when I'm on the streets of them, but they say brian, we need an independent voice.

  • We need someone to shake things up a little bit Because right now it feels like this this government's been in a time warp for 30 or 40 years.

  • So Yeah, that's the kind of vision I'm selling this city is that we could be on top, but we might only have a six or 12 month window until the other cities get kind of maybe back in the game, we'll see when it comes to competing with America.

  • But yeah, I've got some big ideas and again the knife crime here, it's it's almost shocking you wouldn't expect a city like London to be dealing with something like that were 9.5 million people.

  • The mayor's budget is £18 billion.

  • Like this is a big job, you know, you run the Metropolitan Police, the transport networks and you're the thought leader for business education and all that stuff.

  • So yeah, you saw that manifesto.

  • Londoners care about jobs, transport, housing crime and so you know what's funny is that when people see my excitement and they see the fact that I don't have a party.

  • I don't have any corporate donors.

  • I'm paying for this all by myself Patrick, which on some in some senses is expensive.

  • But in some ways I don't have to check with anybody about anything and I don't have some backroom deal that I have to worry about.

  • That Someone in Parliament told some, I don't care.

  • I just want to go in and do the best thing long term for my city.

  • Hopefully with like a 20-year horizon.

  • I had a zoom call the other night with a bunch of my advisors and I said, I said, I said, guess what if we do our job right?

  • Some other mayor is going to take credit for our work.

  • I said, is everybody okay with that?

  • And they all said yes.

  • So I was like, I must be working with the right team.

  • So you know, that's where we're coming from again.

  • I think everyone's a little surprised.

  • We also put some videos out there.

  • I call them informative videos, but they really go hard after the mayor record on knife crime housing.

  • And I just don't think anyone's seen our video digital capabilities either.

  • So it's been an interesting experience.

  • Mhm.

  • Yeah.

Yeah, you said it right there.

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A SAFE CITY IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS | This Is One Of The Driving Factors For CEO’s - Patrick Bet-David

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