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  • I've also got another question and it kind of relates to young people.

  • Um, so obviously do that, the whole coronavirus situation.

  • A lot of people missed out on activities such as playing football, go into the communities and I'm going to east clubs and personally speaking for myself, We were meant to have more.

  • I just turned 20 and in, in the baroque London, if you consider 19, you're still a young person.

  • So, um, movement to plan to go on a residential trip and since I've obviously gone over the limit as a young person, I'll be going to be able to get compensated for $1.

  • All right.

  • So that means you can't qualify for those community services.

  • So if you look about, so this community center over here, I used to go and do gymnastics there back in the places.

  • You're very nice setup thing out of there.

  • Right.

  • Problem with what the mayor did for the past five years as he shut down over 100 youth centers and there's no money and I know a lot of people in youth centers here.

  • I've been two homers and I've been in Tower Hamlets, I was in Islington a couple days ago.

  • He said the mayor has just pulled the funding from all these things so you don't have the opportunities, you need it.

  • So I put my business hat on.

  • And again, I thought, how can we get the money to these community centers?

  • And I thought of a friend of mine, Jamal Edwards.

  • He created S.

  • B.

  • T.

  • V.

  • You know, the grind channel and stuff.

  • So he was on my show in London Real about five years ago and I was like, wow, look what you've done now.

  • He grew up in acting and he had a community center like that one that taught him out of the video and audio production, which is how he created sP Tv, which is worth like £10 million congrats Jamal, Right.

  • And so he went back to the community center recently that was shut down and he said, how can this be shut down?

  • So he went and called up some corporations and got the money from google from the Welcome Trust.

  • So I'm working with amount to do the same thing, but go bigger.

  • So we're going to get amazon Uber Barclays HsBc to put £100 million into 250 community centers in London.

  • So you have a ton of resources here to where they can offer all these things to you and maybe even some training, maybe apprenticeships maybe show you how to create your own business.

  • That's what we need.

  • Because again, if you look at issues with crime, I think it's because we're not giving teenagers things to do.

  • And so it's a good question you asked.

  • It's gotta come from corporate that we don't have to worry about a politician telling you there's no money left.

  • We can get £100 million per year from these Corporates, That's £400,000 per community center.

  • They can do a lot without money.

  • So it will give you a lot more opportunities.

  • You are teenagers.

  • More opportunities would actually drop crime in this place and it would help people with apprenticeships.

  • I mean, you're probably looking like, okay, what's my career going to look like?

  • What's my future gonna look like?

  • Can we, can we train people?

  • So that's my thought on that again, all in the manifesto, but it's only because I'm in business.

  • That's the way I kind of see this.

  • Yeah, current mayor would never come up with the problem with the two party system is is they never really come up with big innovations and these big independent solutions.

  • It's kind of like Elon musk.

  • Do you follow Elon musk?

  • So Tesla, right.

  • Electric car 10 years ago, everyone said he was crazy ford and Gm they've been selling gasoline cars for 150 years.

  • They said, nope can't be done, can't be done.

  • He's crazy.

  • So it takes someone like that with an independent voice that puts his own money on the line.

  • And now, 10 years later, he's one of the richest guys in the world and everyone else is doing what making electric cars.

  • So it's always got to come from someone different because these guys, it's business as usual and they're just thinking, you know what?

  • The citizens will vote for, you guys are us and every four years will switch places.

  • In the meantime.

  • It's just business as usual in the city.

  • So you're really up to date topics.

  • I've got one more question.

I've also got another question and it kind of relates to young people.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/05/05
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