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  • there he is.

  • How are given how you doing?

  • I'm great, sir.

  • It's great.

  • It's great to see you, Not that you need an introduction, but everybody, this is Patrick Beth David, experienced and accomplished businessmen and also a very, very serious broadcaster.

  • Value tainment.

  • One of the best channels out there.

  • And you were on London reel.

  • What over two years ago, maybe you were in London?

  • We had a great conversation.

  • So one of my favorite interviews ever was with you, if not the best one ever, man.

  • That's a that's a strong words coming from a guy who's conducting some amazing interviews.

  • So thanks.

  • We went deep, man.

  • It was really good.

  • It was a really good experience having that chat.

  • I remember it like it was yesterday.

  • It was a good time.

  • It was really good man.

  • It was really good.

  • It's been fun watching you.

  • You know, your, your recent book, your next five moves is on my audible, so it's blowing up out there and you're continuing to push the envelope with your guests.

  • It's been great to see, you know, I'm taking a break for the last few months of actually having guests because I've been, you know, running to be the next mayor of London.

  • So it's been nice to watch you because I miss having these conversations to be honest.

  • I gotta tell you know, watching you is, you know, you and I haven't spoken, I don't know, cups of, you know, since the last time I was in London and maybe we've had some exchange here and there, but I've been obviously following, it's like the whole thing with facebook, you know, you may not see your family, but you see the pictures kids growing up, but it's very interesting seeing you play offense and go up against a guy like Sadiq khan, Sadiq khan in London who uh, I would say it's probably a controversial figure.

  • It's probably somebody that uh, you and him could be on complete opposite ends when it comes on two beliefs and infrastructure and seeing what you're trying to encourage people to do and consider whether it's to make London more safe and minimize the amount of uh, stats that you're seeing with knives and, you know, challenges people are facing and not feeling safe with their kids being out there.

  • I mean, it's, it's a scary sight to see the stats coming out and uh, you know, it's very exciting and you know, I saw you going from what you were fourth place, then third place, then second and then your odds kept going low, you know, higher and higher and higher and higher and higher.

  • And then the bus comes out and then you're going talking to people, I got to tell you it's been very exciting following your journey.

  • Yeah.

there he is.

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