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  • Alan Knight and his wife, Helen Knightof Great Britain had a foolproof plan  

  • worthy of any criminal mastermind. Alan had just  been implicated in the theft of 40,000 euros from  

  • the retirement account of his elderly neighborand the bobbies were hot on his trail. What did  

  • Mr. Knight do to avoid the law? Charterprivate plane and hide away in an eastern  

  • european country with no extradition treatyFake his own death and start his life anew as  

  • a donkey farmer in Honduras (note to animatorsshow him literally farming donkeys in neat rows  

  • like crops while wearing a mexican poncho with hat  and outrageously big fake mustache)? Go out in a  

  • blaze of glory because ain't no  way Johnny Law gonna take us alive?

  • No, Mr. Knight was a criminal  genius of a different caliber.  

  • Mr Knight... faked being in a coma.

  • Well, not full-time, but only part timeYeah, we're kind of scratching our heads  

  • over this one too, because apparently the  law works a little different in England.

  • Alan Knight slowly but surely wormed his way into  his elderly neighbor's bank accounts and benefits,  

  • stealing over 40,000 euros before the police  began to launch an investigation into the matter.  

  • By some inexplicably extraordinary coincidence  that baffled Britain's top doctors,  

  • Mr. Knight was mysteriously struck  with an undiagnosable illness  

  • at the exact time that police began  to prepare to take him to trial.

  • Knight was initially arrested  but released pending a trial,  

  • at which time he suffered a freak  accident involving a garage door.  

  • The garage door had smashed into Knight's spinerendering him paralyzed from the neck down  

  • and inducing comatose states that could last for  weeks. A paraplegic confined to a wheelchair, who  

  • couldn't predict when he'd slip into a coma againMr. Knight was truly in serious medical danger.

  • Except doctors couldn't find  anything wrong with him. For  

  • two years Mr. Knight was admitted to the  hospital for a total stay of 10 weeks,  

  • during which doctors ran every test they could  and still found nothing medically wrong with him.  

  • If this was America, the story would end  here because after 10 weeks in a hospital  

  • Mr. Knight would be so burdened with debt  that prison would almost be a lifesaver.

  • To help sell the act, every time that authorities  came around to his house, Knight would hop into a  

  • medical bed with all sorts of medical equipment  attached to him and pretend to be comatose. His  

  • teary-eyed wife would play the living widowserve some tea, and the police would soon be  

  • on their way. Oh sure, the police were suspiciousand they had testimony from nurses at the hospital  

  • who would report glasses of water mysteriously  emptying during the night as Knight slept in his  

  • 'coma', but Knight had managed to even get a local  MP on his side- because politicians are idiots.

  • However, in the end Mr. Knight would  be undone by his own evil genius.

  • When you've got 40k euros burning a hole in  your pocket, you're going to want to spend them-  

  • and the Knights did just that. They bought  a camper with the stolen money and took it  

  • on regular trips. His wife would drive the car  until they thought they were far enough away,  

  • when they would switch seats. The criminal  mastermind would then use his disabled permit  

  • to pay for road and bridge tolls, withcamera recording him from three feet away.

  • Knight was also traced by police through his  Tesco Clubcard, which he used all over England  

  • during his trips. Then it was just a simple matter  of pulling up CCTV footage and like some sort of  

  • medical miracle, there was Knight, happily  shopping for bangers and mash while chatting  

  • up other Tesco shoppers about the latest footie  match on the telly. Police even found personal  

  • photos the couple had taken of the two on  various trips, including a friend's wedding  

  • and a trip to Legoland. Yep, this man fakingmedical coma had a better social life than you.

  • The truth wasn't going to stop Knight howeverand when police ended his 2 year holiday by  

  • dragging him to court, he showed up inwheelchair and neck brace, only moving his  

  • eyes for the entire duration of his trial. He  even wore the brace to get his mugshot taken

  • Knight tried to blame the stolen money on his  son, who police quickly cleared of any wrongdoing.  

  • In the end, he was sentenced to 14 months in  prison for his crimes, and his wife to 10 months.

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Alan Knight and his wife, Helen Knightof Great Britain had a foolproof plan  

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Man Fakes Coma For 2 Years To Avoid The Law

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