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  • and another day out on the digital battle bus we're heading to Islington, I'm gonna be stopping by the Urban Hope charity.

  • They do a lot of incredible work with youth and they've been struggling lately because of the pandemic because of lockdown, because of all the mental health and trauma going on with our youth.

  • Because of this lockdown, something I've been talking about for the past year.

  • And I want to go over and talk to them and find out how we can help.

  • Of course, my corporate for Communities plan is going to put £100 million per year into 250 community centers throughout every single borough in London.

  • This is going to come from the amazons.

  • The Uber is the HsBC's in the barclays and it's going to be a win win situation for the corporate and the communities that they need to serve and they're making money off of.

  • And again, there's great precedent with this Jamal Edwards, the founder of S B T.

  • V, has done with with his community centers in Acting and I'm working with him in order to take this up to the next level and raise a billion pounds over 10 years that goes directly into our community centers.

  • This is one of my two pronged attacks when it comes to solving our problems with knife crime on the street.

  • The other is putting 100 new police officers on the street and I'm gonna pay with that Or pay for that with my infrastructure levy.

  • That's £300 million pounds coming from the incredible, incredible opportunities we give London because of our transport infrastructure.

  • So again, there's a lot of candidates out there spouting ideas about officers and this and that.

  • I'm the only candidate that knows how to pay for it.

  • And I've costed everything down to the pound.

  • It's all available on my manifesto.

  • 50 pages.

  • You can get it from our website.

  • Over 100,000 copies have already been downloaded.

  • I'm telling you, if you read this 50 page document, you'll see that we know exactly what we're doing and we can implement this starting on May 7th once we win this election, we are days away and we are ready to pull off the biggest upset in british political history.

  • We're so excited.

  • So out there today I'll be streaming from the back of the bus.

  • Give me your questions.

  • Ask the hard questions will be going through a bunch of burrows.

  • I've driven this bus over 5000 miles through this city, 5000 miles.

  • Been to every single borough twice.

  • I'm going back for the third time because this is how you become the next mayor.

  • This is how you create a manifesto by listening to the citizens, Not by just going out there and spouting your ideas a couple weeks before an election.

  • Everyone sees through that the citizens of London see through that.

  • It's disrespectful the campaign that way, which is why I've been here since October 14 doing the business to make sure I can become your next mayor of London.

  • So thank you so much, tune in for our battle bus live and we'll see you out there on the campaign trail.

  • Thanks so much.

and another day out on the digital battle bus we're heading to Islington, I'm gonna be stopping by the Urban Hope charity.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/04/30
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