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  • Yeah, it's funny.

  • There was, I came out of the store the other day and some 12 year old kid rode by on his bicycle and he said, he said, you're the mayor in it.

  • I was just like, okay.

  • I said, this is a good thing.

  • Here's a kid.

  • You probably never looked at politics before and he knows that I am running for the mayor of London.

  • So you probably know something about me.

  • I do feel like we're engaging people more than ever and trying to bring them along the journey.

  • I think the last year Simon made people really think, wait a second.

  • Our leaders, they control our finances, they control our businesses, our health, our Children's education, maybe we should start paying a little more attention.

  • And also, I think they're questioning some of their previous media outlets and some of the parties, these gates, they're all gatekeepers really, whether it's a newspaper, a party, it's something from an old school way of doing things that got you to make certain decisions, but we all know we're going more digital, more direct to people.

  • So yeah, I think we can happen.

  • And you're right.

  • I've been campaigning now for over six months.

  • Can you believe that?

  • I mean, you know, there's now 20 candidates that are, that are ready to be voted for mayor, but some of these people just showed up a few weeks ago.

  • We launched October 14 last year.

  • So, and the bus has been on the road since January.

  • Um, being on that bus is crazy.

  • We log, I think almost 4500 miles on that bus now every single borough of London twice.

  • Uh, it's madness.

  • I've had probably over 1000 conversations with people.

  • I put mostly of them on YouTube.

  • I usually record them with an iPhone.

  • Um, and people love that stuff.

  • Of all my social media posts, The ones that people love most Simon is when I, I literally have a phone in my hand, one of my team does and they're sticking it while I have a real conversation with someone and we post the straight thing to their people don't like that, they don't like the fancy videos with the cool music.

  • They just like it real and uh, I think as they say, that could be me and I can see someone who's speaking, you know From the heart or at least real in person.

  • So it's genuine real life stuff rather than politics.

  • Yeah, that's what people like.

  • I just, I honestly looked at some of the recent things that have come out from some of the candidates and I just thought, man, this is the leader of London with an £18 billion pound budget Simon that's going to be making important decisions about our police, our transport, our businesses and it's going to be influencing a lot of other things of what happens with the city and that what I see is just a bunch of jokers.

  • I see a bunch of jokers, the BBC had a quote unquote debate the other night.

  • At first I was insulted.

  • They only invited to candidates, the current mayor and the conservative guy.

  • But then I watched them bicker back and forth for 30 minutes and I said, wait a second.

  • I've seen this every month at the Greater London Assembly.

  • They've been doing it for five years.

  • It's the same argument.

  • It's like an old married couple.

  • And guess what?

  • The taxpayer pays for that argument every single month because we paid both of their salaries for the last five years in addition to a bunch of the other candidates.

  • We pay for your salary.

  • And so it's a show, it's a sideshow, it's almost like a farce and then nothing happens.

  • So it's a little frustrating, but also encouraging if people can just connect with what we're saying they are, they are, I think, sure, it's no one much as the BBC now.

  • Anyway, I think you're right, it's irrelevant, you know, I think you're right.

  • And again, like, I think that when the, when the mayor published that he was, like, finally running, you know, and announced this thing, I think the exact press really showed up on the BBC news site and I was just, I was flabbergasted.

  • I was like, wow, so much for even a, you know, a version that this is going to be an independent news network.

  • So, so yeah, it's been fascinating.

  • It's been a great, great journey for me to say the least.

  • But I do know that this will be the hardest job I ever have for sure.

  • Because getting in there and doing the work is going to be the hardest thing I've ever done.

  • But it's also the most important thing I've ever done.

  • And so I've had this conversation with myself on long walks Simon, it's like, you know, what is this really, what you want?

  • But we always know the hardest job is the one you should take, because it's going to give you the most growth, it's going to make the most impact.

  • It's the right thing to do.

  • So I keep thinking I'm pulled to this, this is the job I must do, as opposed to the job I can do.

  • So We're going all in.

  • We got 17 days left, um, and we're still blast.

  • And we're getting we are getting a lot of pickup from media for what it's worth, which is great.

  • Um, we're still challenging for debates.

  • I really doubt the current mayor will debate me, but we've been pushing for that for about three months lately.

  • I've been challenging him to swimming competitions, break dancing competitions, Ironman competitions, anything he wants, really.

  • So, we'll see.

  • We'll see what maybe I'm wrestling.

  • You pissed off arm wrestling?

  • I think there may be I'm wrestling, but yeah, kickboxing.

  • Did you see anything?

  • Something?

  • I don't know anything, but, uh, yeah, I just you know, I honestly think he's probably just trying to hold up in the office and trying to see if the pr can win this for him.

  • So he's just hiding.

  • He's hiding because he knows he hasn't got anything.

  • And he's just hoping against hope that people will vote for him because they've always voted Labour.

  • That's it.

  • These are nothing.

  • You got nothing to offer.

  • All right.

  • So you're you're forecasting a big upset on May six is a huge upset.

  • It will be a huge upset as well.

  • Yeah.

  • And then and then a big party, mm.

Yeah, it's funny.

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