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  • tell me, Michael, I mean why why would you write this book about democracy and would you ever run for office?

  • I know I saw recently you can you got jury duty so you can vote now it's a big deal, right?

  • Because you know as a convicted criminal that's not always given.

  • But you have that.

  • Yeah, I've gained that that you know authority back now.

  • I can't vote and a good citizen.

  • You know, it's been 25 years since I had any trouble.

  • But you know Brian I I had a group that was trying to get me to run for a mayor in Las Vegas and you know, yeah and you know what you almost feel a responsibility to do things.

  • But I said with my background these people are gonna drag it'll it'll they'll make it seem like whatever I did 30 years ago, it happened yesterday.

  • You know, so why do that?

  • But you know, I'll tell you a quick story on the book after I wrote my business book.

  • This was six years ago, my publisher came to me and they said we want you to do a political book.

  • And I said, well, you know, I'm really interested in politics.

  • I really, you know, because I'm concerned about you know, my country and my Children and my grandchildren more than myself, you know, what is our country gonna look like in 10, 15 years?

  • So uh but then I started writing the book, brian and I called in a mafia democracy trying to show the, you know, the analogy the Machiavellian system, the way it's being instituted here in the states.

  • And I said to myself, you know, what what do I need this for?

  • These people are going to get upset with me, They're gonna come after me.

  • I lead a nice quiet life now.

  • And I went to my publisher, I gave him back my advance and I said, I'm not writing the book.

  • I don't need it.

  • That was, that was five years ago.

  • And uh in the last seven months I said, you know what?

  • That's wrong.

  • I have a responsibility.

  • I want people to understand what's going on in America and I want them to hold their politicians accountable.

  • That's it.

  • Don't allow them to lie, don't allow the backdoor deals.

  • Don't allow them to do all of these things that affect you, your live, look at your family, your way of life.

  • So I felt an obligation and I went back and I said, I'm writing the book and uh people are gonna be, you know, again, what's the goal?

  • The goal is to open people's eyes to make them understand.

  • And I don't think there's a better time here and where you are to let people understand.

  • They see what's going on.

  • And I think if they hear it enough brian and you're likable cool guy and you're gonna do what you say you're going to do.

  • I think that you may surprise a lot of people come May 6th.

  • I mean it, thank you, I appreciate that Michael and you're right.

  • I mean when I think about my my Children and my grandchildren and again, like what's, you know, what's left when we're gone, what's left is did you do something important?

  • Did you, were you of service?

  • Did you make the world a little bit of a better of a place?

  • And you know, I know what I like about you Michael is that you tell the stories from the mafia, but they always end with a lesson.

  • That's what makes you different I think than so many people, it always ends with a and guess what?

  • This is not the thing to do.

  • Um If you go down this road, it ends in tears, it ends in in in death that ends in poverty, it ends in jail or you can choose to do something correct and something that's that's in the interest of a lot of people and it is the right thing and I think that's a powerful message for people and I agree, I think in the last year with all the craziness we saw on the lockdown, we saw for a second maybe the way things that really are briefly.

  • Um and this is the time to get people to like notice it and hold them to task and hold them accountable.

  • Um if people don't take action though, it probably could get worse from here and as things go more digital and that becomes out of control, it gets a little bit trickier and so we could be in some tough situations.

  • So I'm glad you decided to write the book.

  • You know, you have to be a little altruistic to do these things.

  • I think, yeah, you know, my wife said, you sure you want to do this, and I said, I feel an obligation.

  • You know, sometimes you just can't sit on the sidelines, you know, you just can't and you know, I'll be 70 years old this year.

  • What?

  • Yeah, what do I got to worry about brian?

  • Right, I live my life and uh, you know, I'm gonna try to make that contribution, but you know, it's your right there, you know, I tell people, yeah, I lived that lifestyle and you know, I had some success, but it's a dead end street and you know, I've seen too many people go down that road and just families collapse, their lives collapsed.

  • You know, I go into prisons all the time.

  • I speak to guys, you know, this is what's so sad there, 45 50 years old, they've done 10, 15 years in prison, lost their their families, and they look at me and they say, mike, I Look at, where do I go from here, you know, I get out in three years, I'm going to be 55 years old.

  • What they don't realize is when you do these things, you put so much baggage on your back to carry around and you know, brian life is tough enough when everything was good.

  • You know, we had a pandemic last year that came out of nowhere.

  • You know, good people got hurt so bad in this country and I'm sure they're all over the world, You don't know what's going to happen in life and when you make wrong choices and and and the consequences could be so severe.

  • You got to do the right thing in life, you know, and we need good leaders, we need good leaders, you know, here in the United States, or were so divisive now in this country.

  • And people say to me, Michael, why I said very simple.

  • It starts from the top when we see these people arguing, calling each other names, getting down in the gutter, it starts from the top, they set the tone and then it goes down and it trickles into the to society.

  • And that's what happened here in the United States.

  • Every fault that that's that's going on here in this country.

  • And I'm sure it's quite sure it's from the angry and divisive rhetoric that starts at the top.

tell me, Michael, I mean why why would you write this book about democracy and would you ever run for office?

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Michael Franzese For Mayor Of Las Vegas! "Your History Is Dug Up When You Take Up Responsibly."

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