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  • stuff with London real before.

  • I didn't even know you were running.

  • You know, it's from a lot of real.

  • So, you know, I want to see.

  • Yeah, probably.

  • And why is that just because I feel like we need a refreshing energy and something different.

  • As soon as I saw your face, I started smiling.

  • Nothing good.

  • Just governments have everyone trust anybody Right?

  • What is it about?

  • Mr Rose that makes you smile.

  • Um just the interviews and they're always very, you know, for perverting and always one of the coolest various more mental, more religious differently like the interviews.

  • It's nice to be just a wife.

  • I'm yeah, for 10 years we've been having these conversations that have helped a lot of people in their lives, right?

  • Mental health, physical health.

  • Just getting your head around this challenge based in the world.

  • So about nine months ago I thought I can keep making videos on YouTube or I can actually do something about these problems in this city.

  • So I decided to do this current there anybody happy with him, right?

  • Nobody wants to be involved in politics.

  • They think it's dirty.

  • And the more I learned about it, I don't like it just seems like it's a two party system and it doesn't seem to change.

  • So we got incredible ideas.

  • Have you seen the WR manifesto was 50 pages when we get this young man manifesto was like detailed policy, all things we want to fix about this city.

  • Here we go.

  • But like spend little time checking that out because like we went all in on this and I couldn't be more excited.

  • Do you think Mr Rose might be the Britain's answer to donald trump?

  • That's why I don't think anybody can answer that.

  • Donald trump is kind of a nominee.

  • I know, but you know, he's an anomaly in the way.

  • You know, there's a nominees that can float.

  • Donald trump's just someone you sound convinced.

  • Yeah.

  • I'm convinced that he's going to do a good job.

  • I'm convinced that it's different.

  • I like different and I like trouble.

  • Someone trust that that's their final.

  • I don't trust the current government.

  • I will never trust the program.

  • But a lot of mr bozize customers.

  • You know, they go onto these courses, they don't trust him.

  • They're complaining that these courses are a load of rubbish and they're not value for money.

  • Trust me and they want refunds at 1.7 million.

  • Londoners doesn't love 1.7 million wonders on your love my contact.

  • But you know, I was gonna say a business with my friends.

  • It doesn't matter what business you're going to be.

  • So hundreds of them dependence is well depends on the ratio yourself.

  • Yeah, millions depends you always gonna have next.

  • We've had a half a billion people watch our stuff all around the world.

  • Most of them will change their lives.

  • Right?

  • So look, I really appreciate you got two weeks left.

  • I wasn't going to really, you weren't gonna vote for this.

  • You were gonna vote and now you're voting.

  • I've heard this from a lot of people.

  • I feel like we're making politics sexy again.

  • But at least the last year we've seen our leaders fail us.

  • They've ruined our finances.

  • That ruined our mental health, physical health, our future, our kids, they got no vision for the future.

  • I think people now say, oh my vote makes a difference.

  • I don't know.

  • So hopefully we're engaged, possible difficulty.

  • Thank you so much.

  • I appreciate your time, appreciate it.

  • All right, cool, appreciate that.

  • May six.

stuff with London real before.

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POLITICS IS DIRTY! Brian Rose Gives The People Of London A Chance For REAL Change! ????

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