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  • There he is.

  • Hey great, how are you brian?

  • I'm great man.

  • Thanks for coming tonight.

  • Really appreciate it.

  • Uh if people don't know who you are, you were a guest on London real back in 2014 with your wife many and you guys both came back I think in 2019 you're an incredible entrepreneur, you and your wife are and also your, you guys have been kind of lifestyle entrepreneurs for longer than I can imagine and you've got your company now intelligent change, which of course is the home of many incredible products, including the five minute journal which I used this morning by the way.

  • So your products like change everybody.

  • Um I get all my students to use your stuff, so thanks for joining me and I really appreciate having you here.

  • You know, it's a pleasure brian, your true hero now going after it, you know, going to government.

  • So I'm actually really excited to also talk to you about your new journey now, why are you running and all this sort of thing?

  • No, I appreciate that, man.

  • I think I was on your podcast with you and Mimi at your house in London.

  • It was like a few months before I announced, I think, and we had caught up because we had a whole fight for freedom of speech last year and but we hadn't talked politics at all.

  • Um and so yeah, we're probably good for us to catch up.

  • Uh we had 10 days left to the election here in London.

  • Uh we pretty much turned the whole political process on its head and we've decided to do everything a little differently here.

  • I'm guessing you've watched some of it unfolds From our digital outdoor ads, which I think you saw with your daughter uh every every day to school right there.

  • I don't know, it's definitely something maybe the city hasn't seen before.

  • But you know, we just wanted to take this seriously and go all in and I was just showing off our manifesto here, which I think we posted you a copy and it's 50 pages.

  • It took us eight months to create this.

  • And this is a detailed breakdown, cost it all the way down to the pound.

  • But what we want to do with the economy, Police transport and housing, I'm telling you Alex, I've never known so much about London.

  • Then I learned in the past eight or nine months and I've had amazing people collaborating with me behind the scenes, like senior police officers, people inside TFL, people inside the House of Lords.

  • So it's been a crazy journey.

  • So how, so how is it going to happen?

  • How are you gonna get to be a mayor?

  • Like we want I want to make this happen if there's anybody, you know, in the political landscape, uh, I don't know, there's no better candidate than you honestly knowing you personally as a friend.

  • Um, and all the clouds right now.

  • I'm sorry to say that, but it's true.

  • I just, I think last year we just demonstrated just how disappointing our leadership is as we communicate now.

  • It's amazing that people like you citizen like you stepping up and wanting to make a difference and a change, right?

  • So how is it going to happen?

  • What can people do to support ship?

  • Thanks Alex, I appreciate you saying that.

  • So it all comes down to May six here in London, so hopefully you're registered to vote because it's too late now.

  • But even if you're not go register to vote now for the next election.

  • And again, we created a web sites for that as well.

  • But now it's about May six showing up and just making sure you exercise your right to vote.

  • Yeah.

There he is.

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THEY ARE ALL CLOWNS! ? Our Current Leadership is Disappointing. Alex Ikonn On Brian Rose For Mayor

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