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  • you did get to see a lot of aspects of government, you know, for for good or bad, you got to kind of see what's happening because I remember when you were here, we talked about a lot of the businesses that you ran.

  • And I was, I think I mentioned you, you know, there's only one entity in the world that could uh, let hundreds of millions of dollars go missing.

  • That's like the federal government where there's no accountability that wouldn't happen at Tesla or General Motors or anything else.

  • And again, you also saw how politicians kind of, you know, stay in office and keep their I mean, you have a lot of great knowledge, what perspective can you give us about how government works or how we can break the cycle?

  • Is voters and citizens?

  • Well, again, you know what fascinates me here in the United States?

  • Is that so many politics?

  • And today it's it's amazing because politicians are just untruthful.

  • They lie, they exaggerate.

  • You know, here we have the Washington post giving politicians four pinocchios meaning that everything they said was an absolute lie.

  • And people just say, well that's politics now.

  • If that was your brother, your sister, your mother, your best friend, your business partner, you wouldn't accept it.

  • But these are the people that are in control of our lives.

  • And we're saying that's just politics.

  • But they don't understand what that transfer of, you know what that transponders to.

  • It's your life, it's your livelihood, it's your freedom.

  • So that's what gets me brian and politicians today, so many of them are just so dishonest and we don't hold them accountable.

  • And that's why I hope the people of London see through what's going on, you know, with the current administration and they hold them accountable and it's like anything else.

  • You know, if they're not doing the job, you fire him, you get rid of him, throw him out and bring somebody in that it's gonna work.

  • That's that's the way you do it.

  • That's the democratic system.

  • It is like I keep telling people that they can fire our current mayor, Sadiq Khan on May six, that they go and vote and uh that's their chance.

  • That's the chance to hold them accountable and you're right.

  • You know, the more I learn about politicians, like, well, I gotta be honest with you, I didn't know much about it nine months ago and I was honest with people, I didn't vote in the last mayoral election five years ago because I just didn't care and nobody was engaging with me.

  • And so again, I'm trying to make sure more people care, but the more I learned about politics, the more it makes me sick.

  • I find people that are in this as a career and what happens right now in London, Michael, is that the current mayor is of the Labour Party, which is more like the democrats, the Prime minister, which is more like the president of the country is in the conservatives, which is like the republicans.

  • So they argue back and forth, right?

  • We saw this happen, I think last year in american politics were like a governor would argue with the president and they go back and forth and blame each other and then the citizens watch and then they pay for it the whole time.

  • So it's like it's his fault, it's his fault, it's his fault, it's his fault.

  • And then every four years they switch places and then they switch places and then when you look over 30 years, nothing has really changed.

  • They both been paid by the public and Lord knows what else they're doing in the background and it's like, okay, meanwhile, you know, teenagers are dying in the streets.

  • You know, people are, are, are running the businesses are going bankrupt here and there are real implications.

  • So you know, people honestly Michael, they don't know what to make me.

  • I got the american accent.

  • I'm wearing the english suits, I'm paying for this campaign myself.

  • I've put up outdoor billboards that no mayor has ever done.

  • I got a bus driving around, I got digital ads going places.

  • People are like, what's going on here?

  • But I'm like, look, one thing I can tell you for sure is that uh, running for mayor is the last thing I wanted to do.

  • When I told my wife Fish, she looked at me and said, why London reels never been bigger business has never been better and the world's never needed your voice more than ever.

  • Why go do this thing where you're gonna be criticized and it will be the hardest job I've ever had.

  • Let's be clear.

  • And I just thought, you know, I can't sit by and let this happen.

  • So I'm going all in on it and my team's been all in.

  • I get really obsessed with stuff as you might have noticed Michael.

  • So I just went crazy learning everything about this city.

  • And a few days ago we dropped this thing, I was showing you it's like 50 pages.

  • It's called a manifesto and it's got detailed policy down to how I'm gonna pay for 10,000 more officers on the street.

  • And I think it shocked people because some of the other parties dropped manifestos and they're like 13 pages and it's just like, well that doesn't solve the problem.

  • So I think people are starting to think maybe there's something here.

  • Uh, and then they've known me from London Real for 10 years.

  • So we feel like this is a pivotal point.

  • We had some cool newspaper coverage, two page spreads and some of the big papers, like the evening standard at the Times.

  • So I feel like we're winning the war, but we're also going up against a juggernaut that is for sure.

  • Um, and a lot of people are conditioned, you know, to vote for these parties.

  • It's almost like families, Michael, I was thinking they're like families, you know, the parties and, you know, the family is a group of individuals that act in a common interest, I think, and I'm going up against these, like a family that's been around for 100 years.

  • Uh, you know, maybe it's not as powerful as the Gambino family.

  • Maybe it's more powerful than can be in a family, I don't know, but I can see how you're going up against an organization of individuals, which is stronger than one person.

  • And to break that, your ideas have to be 10 times better I think.

  • Um and so I'm like, you trust me, government is more powerful than whatever power we had on the street.

  • I can tell you that brian because they can manipulate a lot better than we can, they create the laws, you know, they create the agendas.

  • But you know, my advice to you over the next three weeks, don't sleep, you know, get out, let people hear you, let them hear your ideas.

  • I would love to see that that manifesto.

  • I really would, I'd be really interested in that.

  • So maybe I can get a copy.

  • Yeah, I'll send you a copy.

  • It's also on a website brian from there dot forward sites manifesto.

  • But yeah, I'll get you a copy for sure.

  • It's something we're really proud of and uh, I think it's something that shows were a little different than the rest.

you did get to see a lot of aspects of government, you know, for for good or bad, you got to kind of see what's happening because I remember when you were here, we talked about a lot of the businesses that you ran.

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