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  • alright, last thing I want to do here is I want to finish up and talk about my part too when it comes to crime because the truth is this.

  • And I had this conversation with a senior member of the Metropolitan Police and he said, brian, We can't police are way out of the knife crime epidemic.

  • And I said, what are you talking about?

  • He said Brian, we can't police are way out of this problem.

  • He said the 10,000 officers are going to help the better training is going to help the digitization is gonna help, but there needs to be more.

  • And so I looked into the problem and I looked into the detail and I went out to the community centers of Hamilton.

  • I went out to the community centers in Tower Hamlets and I went out to the community centers in Suffolk and Lewisham and they said brian, the mayor has been shutting our community centers down.

  • He's been he's been sacking our youth workers, he's been taking all the money out.

  • I spoke with David, Hey, the world championship boxer and he said brian, they're closing down the boxing gyms for the kids.

  • He's like, what do you expect them to do?

  • Of course they're going to result in crime.

  • And I thought there's got to be a better solution here because the mayor is always telling you how he ran out of money and he's always defunding the police and the fire brigade.

  • And so of course he's gonna take the money away from your community centers.

  • But these are your Children, these are our Children.

  • And when teenagers are stabbing other teenagers, it's not their fault, it's our fault because we haven't given them other things to do with their lives.

  • And so I found an incredible solution and I based it on some incredible work done by a young man named Jamal Edwards and Jamal was on my show London real about four or five years ago and he grew up in acting, um, and grew up near one of his community centers that taught him how to do video and audio production.

  • He took that skill and created S.

  • P.

  • T.

  • V.

  • An incredible grime music channel that he turned into an 8 £10 million business and he went back to his community center recently and he saw that it was closed and he said, wait a second, something's wrong here, the government can't close this down, The mayor can't shut these things down, this is what made me who I am.

  • And so he called up corporations like google and the Welcome Trust and started getting hundreds of thousands of pounds in funding.

  • And so I reached out to Jamal and said Jamal, let's take this to the next level, let's take the incredible work you've done and let's raise £100 million this year from corporate and put it into 250 community centers in every single borough of London.

  • Let's raise a billion pounds straight from businesses like Uber and Amazon and Barclays and HSBc, HSBc and put it right into these communities and he said, yeah, let's do that brian.

  • And so that's where I came up with this incredible idea and again, I'll put this up on the slide here.

  • You can see this is just one of the many pages of our manifesto and I say it in black and white here, hitting gangs where it hurts and giving £100 million per year social boost and it's called Corporates for communities.

  • And as your next mayor, I'm gonna pick up the phone and get on the ceo of these multibillion dollar companies that are making a ton of money off London and say, guess what?

  • I've got an incredible win win plan for you.

  • I've got a solution that's going to allow you to give back to your communities.

  • It's gonna support your customers and it's going to show that you really care.

  • It's going to give our young people new opportunities for entrepreneurship, for health and well being for whatever else they want to do to create businesses to create their futures.

  • And uh, this is incredibly exciting.

  • I know it's doable, but you've got to have a business person to do this.

  • I can get on the phone with these Ceos.

  • The current mayor of London I think would feel very uncomfortable making those calls and that's why he hasn't done it.

  • Also, why would he bother, He knows he's going to get your vote anyways.

  • Why would he bother solving any of these problems?

  • Because he just thinks he's going to get your vote if you live in London, I believe a mayor should come with solutions.

  • And again, just want to give a huge thanks out to Jamal Edwards.

  • Here's a picture of him from the manifesto and he's done incredible work already showing that this process works in his community centers.

  • He's raised some incredible money for four of his community centers in acting.

  • And I look forward to working with you jamal to take this to the next level and really go the distance.

  • And again, just here's another slide as well showing how we want to put a billion pounds into 250 community centers and every single one of the London, 32 boroughs in the first year alone, we're gonna service more than one million youth visits and it's absolutely incredible.

  • You know, I was speaking with a few people and they said, you know what brian, you're the perfect person to do this because you've done exactly the same thing.

  • And uh, I want to talk more about that one million youth visits and they said, brian, you've done it with youtube, you've created a business from nothing and in 10 years have built up a following of millions of people, half a billion views.

  • You're the guy, they can walk into these community centers as mayor and show these young men and women that there are other options out there and you know, that's what's important because I have two young Children and trust me, they don't do what I say, they do what I do.

  • And the same goes when it comes to our Children.

  • And I think the people in London when they see the mayor have not a business bone in his body, he's never run a business in his life.

  • When they see him approach the way London, they would never be inspired to do something entrepreneurial saying when it comes to health and well being.

  • You know, some people joke that I'm the fittest mayor in London's history.

  • Maybe I am, but I think it's important to show Londoners that we can be active and proactive about our health and well being.

  • And that's why I train every day.

  • That's why I use mindfulness.

  • That's why I use all of these practices and I want to make sure Londoners see me do that and hopefully our youth will actually do that as well.

  • So I'm a perfect, perfect person that can really empower these community centers with this massive injection in funding and take things to the next level.

  • And the final, final aim I have with all of this Is to get these knives off the streets.

  • And so starting May seven, when I become your next mayor, I'm gonna declare a city wide knife amnesty.

  • That means you can bring your knife in with no prosecution with no criminal issues on the back of that.

  • But it's not just that because that's been done before, but I want to create a dragon.

  • I'm going to create a massive 2030 ft dragon out of these knives and I'm gonna be working with an incredible artist that's already done these with knives and his name is Alfie Bradley and uh, he works with the british Ironwork Center and he has already completed a 27 ft sculpture of an angel made by knives surrendered in these weapons amnesties and it's a powerful thing to see.

  • And when people see this entire sculpture created with knives that used to be used for harm for intimidation used to be used to protect someone just by that wanted to go down to the market and get some milk when people can see these knives in an incredible sculpture and I'm gonna make 13 of these dragons because those represent the 13 dragons that guard the city of London.

  • We're going to see these sculptures and it's going to be it's gonna be a point in our our adventure here in London where we say, you know what enough is enough.

  • We see the harm that we've done by allowing our kids to hold these weapons.

  • We see these sculptures right in front of our eyes.

  • We're never going back to this knife crime again.

  • We're gonna do everything possible to prevent our Children from ever having to carry these knives again.

  • We're going to prevent knife crime from ever happening.

  • It's gonna be something they talk about in 100 years as something that never would ever happen again.

  • And we're gonna do it with artists like this and sculptures like this and big bold ideas that I bring as your next mayor of London.

  • And again, this is all detailed inside my manifesto.

  • This is how we're gonna solve this problem, this problem.

  • These aren't just idle things.

  • I say when I'm on camera, these are detailed ideas that we've spent eight months working on and again, we're working with incredible people behind the scenes that have helped create this manifesto that have now seen this manifesto and that have now all told me they're voting for me for mayor and they're telling all of their friends and family to do the same.

  • Okay.

alright, last thing I want to do here is I want to finish up and talk about my part too when it comes to crime because the truth is this.

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