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  • yesterday, I got to spend the afternoon with a very special man and I want to just give a shout out to this incredible man.

  • Here, this is john Kent and john runs a Savile Row tailoring company called Kent Taste and Lackner.

  • And he's been there making suits uh and menswear for I think 60 plus years.

  • We're still trying to guess john's age, I think he's in his late seventies, sorry, john, I don't want to call you out there, but my wife said uh he might be better looking than me and it might be true, john's a gem of a man.

  • He's a kid from the East End that made it and made his business in Savile Row by having some incredible clients on his list.

  • He tells me stories about bing Crosby, about Sean Connery and he would always tell me stories about the late prince Philip, his royal highness and the Duke of Edinburgh who was a client of john's for 50 or 60 years.

  • And john put actually a really beautiful memorial right in the front of that shot that you saw in that picture.

  • Uh, and just to honor and send sympathies out to the royal family as we do as well, to the passing of prince Philip.

  • And again, I got to know prince Philip through john ken's because he told me so many stories about what an incredible man he was behind the scenes and how well he treated jOHn behind the scenes.

  • And they built up this incredible relationship over the years that I'm sure we will be told at some point, but it was great to see john and great also to talk to jOHn and also to lament the passing of this great man who's been of service for so long.

  • You know, when I watched the royal family, I see a family that their job is to serve.

  • And it's, it's such a challenging job to be out there all the time to, trying to serve the people of the world.

  • And uh, again, we're sending our deepest sympathies to the family and uh, to everyone there.

  • Um, again, really great to see john and john was as usual and incredible conversationalist had great stories about a lot of his former clients and I was there to support jOHn because during this lockdown period, john's had no traffic flow and a lot of Saburro taylor's, their businesses down by 80%.

  • And again, this is nothing new when I speak to taxi drivers, they say the same when I speak to entrepreneurs and people in the hospitality and jim industry, that revenues are down 80 9100% and john says brian, he said, you've got to do something.

  • This current mayor of London is driving our city into the ground.

  • We've got to have a new voice.

  • You have to win brian.

  • And when I see someone like john john represents the very fabric of this city because he's not just a business, he's part of the culture, He's part of the legacy of London.

  • John is one of the reasons that people travel to the city.

  • So the black taxis, So are the pubs.

  • So the royal family, it's all part of what we do here.

  • And if we don't focus on this economy, we're gonna lose everything and it's just gonna be changed stores and avenues that don't at all look the same.

  • And I'm very worried about that.

  • And so john motivates me to push forward with a lot of these policies and it was great seeing him great getting some new suits and we have some big surprises coming up with a Another suit that he's making for me that will be coming out soon.

  • Here's an update on the campaign.

  • We are now firmly in second place and moving into first place.

  • There was an article in the express last week and now we're clearly the only candidate who can beat Sadiq Khan on May six.

  • He knows it, I know it and now the voters of London know it too.

  • And on May six mark my words, we are going to show the world the greatest upset in British political history because I know what's happening on the streets when I speak to people on the streets and on my digital networks.

  • They all know that our ideas Trump those of the current mayor.

  • They are disappointed with his performance and we couldn't be more excited about about going out on the campaign trail and meeting everyone here in London.

  • Mhm.

yesterday, I got to spend the afternoon with a very special man and I want to just give a shout out to this incredible man.

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