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  • Yeah.

  • Hey, it's brian Rose, your next mayor of London as I speak at this moment.

  • There is a debate going on on ITV the television channel for the next mayor of London and they decided to invite for candidates to this debate.

  • The current Labour mayor, the conservative candidate, the lib dem candidate and the Green candidate.

  • I never got an invitation.

  • And this is the illusion of choice that the two party four party system gives you every four or five years.

  • They roll out a candidate, they give you this illusion of choice and then they sign off on each other's failures for the next four or five years.

  • They rinse and repeat and rinse and repeat and no innovation happens when you only have this view number of choices.

  • And if you look at the four people on stage tonight while they go after their debate, these are the same for people that have been paid by you the taxpayer to have these ongoing debates that happened over at the G.

  • L.

  • A.

  • At the Assembly every single month.

  • And it's been happening for the last five years and you pay for this show this sideshow, this farce and it's called government.

  • And yet nothing changes.

  • Look at five years, 10 years, 15 years.

  • The houses aren't built, the transport system is still bankrupt.

  • Crime is going up and the economy is in tatters.

  • And yet we choose to trust our mainstream media as they put up the BBC the other night.

  • Two candidates tonight for candidates when there are independent candidates like me that have massively better ideas.

  • My policies are 10 times better.

  • My manifesto is 10 times better than theirs.

  • And I have been in second place in this race for the past four months.

  • That's according to the bookmakers who aren't stupid in what they do.

  • And yet I didn't get a phone call from the BBC and I didn't get a phone call from the I.

  • T.

  • V.

  • And I am being boxed out of this election a few months ago.

  • The police actually banned me from campaigning.

  • Why all I represent is independent ideas and I'm the only candidate willing to put my own money on their out on the line to get my ideas out there.

  • Not even a single one of these candidates is bother doing it.

  • They all get donations for the party or Sidique Khan uses your taxpayer money for him to campaign as he puts his name out there on the tubes.

  • Or does his New Year's Eve show again?

  • You should be outraged.

  • I am outraged because you are being given this illusion of choice.

  • This illusion of the debates where these four members on stage are all complicit with each other to keep this charade going on to keep this ruse going on and they are all handsomely paid by you, the taxpayer, and it's gonna keep going unless you put your foot down and do something about it.

  • Thanks to digital networks, I can have this conversation with you 10 years ago.

  • I couldn't have even done this because BBC ITV and all the other channels and newspapers wouldn't even put me on.

  • And so this has been going on for hundreds of years now, is the time to stop it.

  • I've been out there on the streets, I've been on my digital battle bus, I've been putting the leaflets through through people's mailboxes.

  • I'm giving them a choice and they really resonate with my ideas because they're the best out there.

  • Because I've listened to you the citizens to create them.

  • And so I ask you, Mr, Mayor Khan, when will you debate me?

  • I ask you BBC, when will you invite me on as the second ranked candidate in this race?

  • I ask you the rest of the television channels and the other networks.

  • When will you invite me on for a debate?

  • All I want is a debate and I want to let the people decide right now.

  • You are being completely disingenuous.

  • This is a farce.

  • This is a side show and I think I'm going to find it amusing because these are four unqualified candidates.

  • The current mayor of London is smug and aloof.

  • He looks down on londoners, he doesn't care about you.

  • Sean bailey is completely clueless.

  • He has no plan and no leadership skills.

  • And the other two candidates are also rans.

  • They're never going to win.

  • They don't want to win.

  • They have no chance of winning because they have no leadership skills and no vision.

  • Thank you very much, sir.

  • There's people out here in the streets like this gentleman that know what's going on.

  • They don't need to tune in to some third rate television channel that has less subscribers than my channel does.

  • London real to try to find out what's really going on.

  • Say?

  • No, put your foot down.

  • Let me know what you think in the comments.

  • Yes, I'm a little upset.

  • We've got 14 days left and we're being denied.

  • A voice here on what we think are are fair media channels and they're not.

  • I just demand free and fair elections, which means you have to hear my voice.

  • What are you scared of Sidique khan?

  • What are you scared of Sean bailey?

  • What are you scared of?

  • ItV and BBC?

  • Seriously, this has to stop.


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