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  • Sadiq khan lied to us.

  • The current mayor of London promised to fix our transportation system.

  • He promised to reduce our congestion charges.

  • He promised to freeze our affairs.

  • But he lied.

  • So many people tweeting me saying, What on earth is he done through our roads?

  • He's creating massive traffic jams.

  • Another reason that people don't wanna come into London.

  • Yeah, when Sadiq Khan took office, he pledged that Londoners wouldn't pay a penny more for travel.

  • But just four weeks later he broke that promise.

  • He raised fares for Children and the elderly.

  • No, it's not good enough.

  • I just can't afford to do it.

  • I hear from you that every journey matters.

  • Obviously my journey doesn't matter.

  • He raised congestion charges by 44 and he's been accused of wasting tens of millions of pounds on taxis, water coolers and vending machines.

  • Sadiq khan lied to us.

  • It seems to be like what you're doing is passing the buck as you do so often.

  • Mr Mayor.

  • The reality is you set the pricing for this congestion charge, you decided to make it go to 10 o'clock at night, you decided to run it over weekends.

  • Do you personally though, accept any responsibility for the fact that these numbers are going up.

  • London now pays the highest transport fares in europe Transport for London could soon oh, a record £18 billion pounds For us.

  • nine million Londoners.

  • That's a total cost of £2,000 for every man, woman and child of this city.

  • And this year he will raise our transport fares Once again, Sadiq khan lied to us and this wasn't because of the Covid crisis.

  • TFL was going bankrupt long before the pandemic hit.

  • The Vietcong did effectively bankrupt TFL with ridiculous traffic measures that cost TFl £640 million and left them with a huge black hole in their finances.

  • That's the reality of what the mayor of London Sadiq khan has done.

  • Just to clarify £4 billion you've lost since May.

  • Sadiq Khan never intended to fix our transportation system.

  • Sadiq Khan never intended to freeze our fares.

  • Sadiq Khan never intended to keep his promises.

  • Sadiq Khan knew he would never deliver.

  • If you put your money where your mouth was, we would not be in the situation.

  • We are now, someone needs to be held accountable without strong transportation.

  • The London economy will never recover.

  • Do we really want three more years of Sadiq khan's lies?

  • Londoners deserve better.

  • We deserve a city where our transport system is world class.

  • We deserve a city where our transport costs are fair.

  • We deserve a city where our elected officials don't run up massive tax bills that you and your family are forced to pay to do this.

  • We need real leadership.

  • What we need.

  • Someone who can run our transportation system like a business.

  • We need someone who is financially responsible and who can hold people accountable.

  • My name is brian Rose, and I promise to put transportation first as your next mayor.

  • I will make London a world class city once again.

  • Yeah.

Sadiq khan lied to us.

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Sadiq Khan Has Broken Our City's Transport System! Brian Rose Will Get London Moving Again. ?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/04/24
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