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  • again, if you see any of our outdoor ads are leaflets are bus out here, there's people literally outside of the bus right now taking pictures, use hashtag brian for mayor.

  • I want to send you some uh some mugs, I want to send you some books.

  • I'll send you some swag as well.

  • We might even send you some London real party swag as well because we have our own party now and we couldn't be more proud about that.

  • I'm gonna tell you a little bit more about that soon.

  • Also, this is what the bus looks like if you haven't seen it before.

  • This is a picture of the digital battle bus and actually in person, it looks even bigger.

  • It's a massive, impressive structure and it's not really a bus.

  • It's actually a mobile broadcasting studio.

  • We've got multiple cameras out here.

  • We can stream out to millions of people live worldwide and I can have a real conversation with you again, I'm asking for your questions right now.

  • Ask me hard questions, asked me to call the questions that the current mayor of London, Sadiq khan, the ones that makes him want to run and hide.

  • Ask me those hard questions and I promise to stand and deliver those answers to you and I'm gonna do that today.

  • So again, we are completely changing the face of politics into a completely digitally transparent medium And I'm gonna take all of these digital networks and broadcasting platforms all the way with me to city hall and we're gonna take London real, which is absolutely named right into city hall and we're going to keep talking to you and having these conversations and that's going to allow me to be the best and most effective mayor.

  • So keep an eye out for this bus.

  • Like I said, logged over 4000 miles every single borough of London twice.

  • We're going for our third run now and I just want to take a moment now and shout out to the brian for mayor Volunteer army.

  • This is hundreds of people behind the scenes that are out there volunteering for our campaign.

  • If you're one of them, I just want to say thank you so much as a picture going up right now.

  • Just a few of them that were out recently with our battle bus leafleting and passing the word.

  • These people have so much passion.

  • It's an incredible group.

  • I had a live call with them last night and it's absolutely amazing.

  • I get on a live zoom call with them every Wednesday night and I tell them how impressed I am.

  • I try to tell them exactly how important they are to our campaign.

  • They are out there hundreds and hundreds of people that are out there on the streets every day that are posting things digitally that are sharing our message because they believe in what we're doing here.

  • They can see the passion, they can see the 50 page manifesto that backs everything up that we've been saying for six months in a document form in black and white with detailed policies that have been costed down to the pound.

  • I know how I'm gonna pay for the police, I know how I'm gonna pay for the community centers.

  • I know how I'm gonna pay for the affordable homes.

  • No other candidate has a plan.

  • They talk a lot, but they do not have the details.

  • Go check for yourself.

  • It's not there.

  • And that's why we have such a passionate volunteer army, but we need more.

  • So this is the chance to come in with us for the big win.

  • We got three weeks left if you want to volunteer for us.

  • And again, we'd love it if you're in London.

  • But anywhere around the world you can help go to brian for mayor dot London, click on the volunteer button on the top or go to brian from here dot London forward slash volunteers type in your name, your email boom.

  • We're gonna get you in right away.

  • We can have you help us go out there and leaflet with us.

  • We can have you get on phone calls or just share our posts on social.

  • Be part of it and of course be part of the brian for mayor inaugural ball.

  • It's gonna be a cracking party.

  • Once we win, it's gonna be days later.

  • There's gonna be some big name venues.

  • I cannot confirm or deny.

  • Kanye West is going to be there, The Rolling Stones.

  • It's gonna be a big party.

  • And of course the volunteers, they get the front row seats.

  • So if you want to be a part of this, come volunteer with us.

  • It's incredible.

  • You can come out, you can meet me, you can come on the bus and again, come for the big party when we celebrate the huge win on May six.

  • We're excited.

  • Thank you to the volunteers.

  • You're absolutely amazing.

  • Come join this incredible group.

  • They have so much energy.

  • Uh, it's again, we've never seen anything like it before and people are actually advancing their own lives by being part of our campaign and we couldn't be more proud.

  • Okay.

again, if you see any of our outdoor ads are leaflets are bus out here, there's people literally outside of the bus right now taking pictures, use hashtag brian for mayor.

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NO OTHER CANDIDATE HAS A PLAN! Brian Rose Will Take London Real To City Hall As Your Next Mayor ???

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/04/23
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