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  • I want to say a couple of things before I mentioned the London Real Party, it's been launched.

  • If you want to learn more information about that, go to London Real dot Party and you can see this is what it looks like.

  • The London Real party.

  • A little bit of our logo here.

  • You can see it on screen and again, we're so proud that finally, now we can have our own political party.

  • Yes, we are still independent with an independent voice, but now we have our own party, which just gives us more backing.

  • Also a little bit about the London Real Party.

  • It's finally a party for Londoners and what we represent are really important values like determination, innovation, perseverance, fortitude and that indomitable spirit that this city and this country are famous for, that's what the London Real Party represents.

  • And we are also fielding for candidates for the London General Assembly and we're so excited about that.

  • It shows our long term commitment to local politics and we are all in on this.

  • Uh this is something that we thought a lot about.

  • We've gone all in and I just want to remind everyone out there that we've been campaigning for six months for six months.

  • We've been out here creating ideas, posting videos, doing 90 minute long real deals in my episode criticizing and commenting on the mayor's failed policies.

  • We've been out on this bus for four months out there on the streets, out there in the snow, literally getting stopped and fined by police just because we believe in this message and we couldn't be more excited about the London Real Party.

  • And again, you can now join the London Real Party as well and become a member to go to London Real dot Party.

  • And again, we'll send you some of the swag out here and just become part of something that's just gonna be bigger than yourself and we're excited to move that forward.

  • So that's the big stuff.

  • Again, one final thing I want to say, if you see any brian from mayor pieces, hashtag brian for mayor posted on any of your social platforms, instagram Snapchat, tiktok linked in youtube facebook, whatever use the hashtag we're watching constantly and we're gonna send out t shirts, mugs, pens and we really want to do that and finally get that postal vote in.

  • Now do it today.

  • Just lock it in, go find it, it's in your mail somewhere and say, oh yeah, of course brian rose my first choice.

  • Of course I knew that.

  • I almost forgot sign it, date of birth, get it into the council, let's lock in a few 100,000, maybe a few million votes in right now.

  • We can win it right now.

  • Today, if everybody went in there and locked in your postal vote, if you want to vote by post, go to brian from there dot London.

  • Four stars postal literally you pipe in your name and your postal address and boom will email you the piece.

  • You can print it out and send it in.

  • If you haven't yet registered to vote, there's literally days left to do that as well.

  • Go to vote first dot London it'll take you 300 seconds and you can register to vote.

  • All you need to be is living in London with a national insurance number.

  • That's it.

  • It's simple.

  • You send it into your counsel, they'll send you the form and for that you'll actually have to go in and vote physically on may six, which is okay.

  • That that works as well.

  • Make sure you vote honestly, you can vote for whoever you want but make sure you vote own the democratic process.

  • If not you are complicit in allowing that man to spend three more years in City Hall.

  • And let's be clear, that's where he'll be up in the top floor of City Hall because he won't be out in the streets, He won't be going out in public because he gets heckled every time he is.

  • And again, why would he bother?

  • He's already got your vote for three more years.

  • Let's not let that happen.

  • I have to live in this city as well.

  • Mhm.

I want to say a couple of things before I mentioned the London Real Party, it's been launched.

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FINALLY, A PARTY FOR LONDONERS! Lock Your Votes In For Brian Rose As Your Next Mayor Of London ??

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/04/23
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