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  • Welcome to battle bus live.

  • I am brian Rose and we are live on the brian for mayor digital battle bus today touring the borough of Greenwich.

  • Yes, that is the home to the Royal Observatory where Greenwich meantime is located.

  • Also the home to the Cutty Sark, one of the most Historic ships and one of the fastest of its time.

  • Much like our buses pretty fast.

  • We're ahead of the curve and we're super excited to come to yet another borough of London.

  • We've logged over 4000 miles on this digital battle bus.

  • I've been to every single one of the 32 boroughs in London twice.

  • We're going for our third run right now And we're gonna keep going thousands of miles more all the way up to May six And we plan on electing a new mayor for London on May six.

  • Were so excited by the support we're getting so much love in the media.

  • We were in the evening standard yesterday on a two page spread.

  • I'll be talking about that shortly.

  • Everyone out there knows that we are the only candidate To beat the current mayor of London, Sadiq Khan and we are going to make history on May six and make it happen.

  • I hope you're with us learn more about what we're doing here and I want to talk about some exciting things today, especially our manifesto and this is what we've launched this week.

  • And it's so exciting.

  • It's our manifesto for the future because it's time to take London in a new direction.

  • This has incredible, incredible work, Detailed policies.

  • It's 50 pages long And it really is an incredible document.

  • We talk about how we're going to rebuild London's economy.

  • And let me show it to you.

  • It looks something like this.

  • I've been out in the public and people are literally trying to pull these out of my hand because they want to read through this is 50 pages of quite readable policy.

  • I know they are almost, it's almost an oxymoron readable political policy.

  • But this is stuff that affects you, it affects your families, it affects your safety on the street, it affects your jobs, your business.

  • Perhaps it affects what you pay for housing in this city, it affects what you pay for transport.

  • And this is a plan to fix London's problems.

  • I'm going on a 10, 20 year horizon.

  • We couldn't be more proud of what's in this document and just to break it down, it focuses on the four main issues that Londoners care about and that is rebuilding London's economy, putting 10,000 new police officers on the street, abolishing the congestion charge until 2022 of course building 50,000 new homes by christmas.

  • If you want to look at this document right now, you can go to brian for mayor dot London, click on the manifesto button on the top or just go straight to brian from mayor dot London forward slash manifesto.

  • You can see this document in all its glory and let me be honest with you.

  • Eight months ago I started learning about London, I started learning about all of its problems.

  • I really started from scratch but I called up some of the best in the business.

  • I had him on my show London real and I started having detailed conversations with members of the House of Lords.

  • I contacted senior members of the Metropolitan Police, I contacted senior high level officials inside TFL our transport for London I spoke with architects, entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists, Nobel prize winners and also everyday people on the streets that came up to me and said brian, I don't feel safe brian.

  • My cousin just got stabbed last weekend.

  • What can we do about this brian?

  • My business is failing and the government isn't allowing me to get back to work.

  • What can you do brian?

  • I can't afford to live in this city.

  • I'm a nurse, I'm a teacher, I'm a firefighter.

  • How can you help?

  • This is real people telling me this stuff and I put it all together in a massive sheets and massive documents and we created this manifesto and this shows that we are head and shoulders above any other candidate out there, including the ones of the two parties that have had hundreds of years to work on these things and tens of millions of dollars and pounds and donations from corporations.

  • We have still come up with a manifesto.

  • That's better.

  • And again the response has been absolutely incredible.

  • And again this document is readable.

  • My four year old son caden has been busy reading it at night at home and he really can actually understand what's going on.

  • He sees the houses, he sees the great celebration, he sees the police officers, he sees what we're gonna do in the communities.

  • He sees how we're gonna fix transport for London.

  • He sees how we're going to make London digital first and free broadband for all.

  • He sees how we're going to protect our freedoms of speech and of course do it all with my green initiatives.

  • It's all in this document and it's something we couldn't be more proud of.

  • Please look at this document right away forward.

  • This document leak to your friends posted on your social media feeds brian from air dot London forwards last manifesto.

  • And you'll say this is the guy I was talking about.

  • Look at these ideas.

  • This shows that it's not just about buses and billboards and flashy suits.

  • This is the real stuff here.

  • These are the answers that's going to solve our problems in London.

  • And again, we just couldn't be more excited.

  • And I want to thank all the people behind the scenes that helped me create this.

  • And I'm talking about those high level officials down to the everyday people I meet in the streets and again, that's what I'm doing here.

  • I've been out on the streets for the past 456 months talking with real Londoners.

  • Sometimes the police come and tell me I can't.

  • But we've kept going today, I'll be out on the streets of Greenwich talking to you and I think that's a very different type of mayor than the one in City Hall.

  • Who when you've seen recently, just weeks ago when citizens of London came to see him an infield and ask him, why are you building these LTs in our neighborhood?

  • Why are you failing us on knife crime?

  • He literally had to hide in a coffee shop for an hour and then he ran away from his own citizens, the people he's supposed to represent, the people that he's supposed to get votes from.

  • Uh and now he hasn't made a public appearance since and I've been told inside the Labour Party, he's not allowed to go out in public now, that is not seeing someone that should be our next mayor.

  • You need someone that can come out here and talk to you and that's what we're here to do today.

  • Mhm.

  • Yeah.

Welcome to battle bus live.

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"Everyone Knows We Are The Only Candidate To Beat The Current Mayor Of London, Sadiq Khan" ????

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