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  • Mhm Alright, here we are today in beautiful battersea park.

  • This is an incredible, incredible green space right on the river thames which is right behind me as well.

  • Just got finished with a very special battle bus live, I was talking all about my family, I was dropping pictures from my grandparents when they got married in black and white to my own parents, to me growing up and then to the family I have now in London, my daughter that I adopted my sons and just talking about kind of the people that made me who I am.

  • So it was a lot of fun.

  • I hope you enjoyed it.

  • Can go watch that on all our social platforms and I'm heading out today just to see this amazing park, you know, London has the most incredible green spaces and I'm gonna be using these green spaces to pull off the great celebration in august and that's my Massive, massive plan for 31 days of street fairs during the day, music festivals at night.

  • We're going to show off the best of London to the world.

  • 20 million people are gonna safely come to this city and we're going to show the world that London is back for business.

  • We have recovered over the challenging year and we are the first city to actually move forward in a new direction.

  • We're going to show off the best of our industry the best of our culture, Arts.

  • Yes, fashion as well.

  • Technology innovation.

  • And we're really gonna put a punctuation mark that we're over the crisis.

  • We're moving forward and the rest of world needs to come here to visit.

  • I'm talking about anybody thinking about coming to europe will come here for august.

  • I can't wait.

  • It's gonna be free transport.

  • It's really going to give a kick start could be our best year economically we've ever seen in this city.

  • So all that is in my detailed manifesto.

  • I care one of these everywhere.

  • This is a 50 page detailed document with pictures, architectural drawings, policy of how we're going to change this city.

  • Get your copy brian from there dot London four slash manifesto.

  • It's all there and I can't wait to share these ideas to the world.

  • So thank you so much.

  • I'm out there to see you.

  • I'm in clap them today.

  • I'm in Wandsworth everywhere.

  • I'll be out in the streets talking to you.

  • We got 15 days May six.

  • Let's make it happen.

  • Yeah.

Mhm Alright, here we are today in beautiful battersea park.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/04/21
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