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  • well why stop before this?

  • Way before way before like pounds, David, I can suffer that.

  • Okay, yeah.

  • What do you think?

  • Dan, yes, interesting.

  • Okay, so long, what do you think about american to be honest?

  • Um It's different.

  • I'm not really a sort of political follower or anything like that, but both, I appreciate that you're getting out there and I'm quite surprised that the current mayor and sort of like how is reactions have been something that seems quite like.

  • Yeah, I would like for example what it was, some of some of the videos that I've seen, I don't know, um being followed out of cafe and people trying to speak to the opposite of what you're doing.

  • It is like, I mean, the police tried to stop me from doing this back in january and then I guess he was literally, he was, people wanted to talk to him when he was at a cafe and he had to run and he had to hide.

  • I mean, the word is under the word is in labor headquarters.

  • He's not allowed to go out in public until the elections.

  • Isn't that crazy.

  • Get a mayor who can't go out in public and I'm trying to get back to making this one.

  • Yeah, we're getting my thanks.

  • I appreciate anything.

  • You're struggling with that.

  • What's the challenge?

  • There's one thing that's on your mind.

  • What is it?

  • I don't really know.

  • I mean, it's probably more like personal anxieties about being like after coma.

  • So you want us to be quite fortunate.

  • So I'm trying to do my funds sort of reach out to friends and family more than anything.

  • But Yeah, just so you know, that's helpful.

  • I mean, one of the things I want to do is, I want to get the economy going as fast as possible.

  • But I've got this thing called the Great Celebration I want to do in August, it's like 31 days were all London turns into like a world fair when it's like street festival during the day.

  • Music at night.

  • Food tech.

  • Yeah, it's about, they did the same thing in 18 51 with the Great Exhibition, Crystal Palace.

  • Exactly.

  • And we did a great job at the London olympics 12.

  • So we do, we do festival better than anybody.

  • And I'm thinking to get 20 million people into London and safely show the world that or overcoat him.

  • It's mentally and economically.

  • We just say guess why we've reset.

  • We're moving forward.

  • We're super optimistic.

  • And let's just drive people into London and show the world that were the place to go.

well why stop before this?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/04/19
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